-| It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? |-

I’m gonna be honest with you I’ve put so much pressure on myself with all the fab blog tours that I’ve signed up to that I’ve accidentally put myself in a massive reading slump since the beginning of December! I’ve only been finishing books that I’ve needed to for the tours.
I’ve given myself permission not to sign up for any tours in March and April (as I’ve so many all the way through Jan and Feb) no matter how good they seem. After April if I do want to get back into them then I will put a strict limit of just 2 a month. I absolutely love reading it makes me happy and it’s my escape from the real world however that’s not how it’s been making me feel so I need to change something!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s see what books are on my radar at the minute.
(I have linked the titles to their Goodreads page, you’re welcome)

Million Eyes by C. R. Berry
You can find my stop on the blog tour here.

Stasi Winter (Karin Müller #5) by David Young
You can find my stop on the blog tour here.

133 Hours by Zach Abrams
I’m only 10% into this but straight away I want to know what happened to her! Briony thought she was just 5 minutes late for work, however her boss says that she hasn’t been in for 3 days. Briony has no recollection of where she has been since she left the office Friday evening but that was 133 hours ago…
My stop on the blog tour for this book is the 20th so make sure to check back so see what I think of it.

The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson
I’ve been wanting to start this series for so long and now I’ve finally opened the first book! Granted I’m only 40 pages in out of the 647 but I can’t wait to go for a brew soon and dive back into this world, it’s so fascinating.

Hunting Evil (Robert Hunter #10) by Chris Carter
This is the latest published book in one of my favourite series! Thankfully I’ve just found out that he has finished number 11 Written in Blood we just don’t have a publication date yet.

The Other You by J.S. Monroe
This is a book that I’m taking part in a blog tour for organised by Victoria Joss from Head of Zeus, I don’t want to know too much about this book before I start it.

What are you reading this week?
See you in the next one…


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