Monthly Wrap Up, Wrap Up

-| Wrapping Up September 2019… Part 1 |-

So, this month has been a slower than the last few, as you're aware I lost a family member and this added to me travelling back and forth to be with my family meant that I just couldn't keep my interest in a book. However, that being said I still managed to finish 12 books… Continue reading -| Wrapping Up September 2019… Part 1 |-

Disney Origins

-| Disney Origins… Sleeping Beauty |-

So, I'm back to ruin another of your favourite Disney movies, you're welcome! I decided to go with Sleeping Beauty as the original author has a pretty shocking moral of the story! Let's not waste any time... Sleeping Beauty and the King We all know Sleeping Beauty as the Disney princess who becomes a damsel… Continue reading -| Disney Origins… Sleeping Beauty |-