Book Haul

-| Ridiculous Winter Book Haul |-

So I may have gone a little crazy this winter buying and acquiring books as I have ended up with a ridiculous 38 books to mention today! I've split them all into categories of where I acquired/purchased them from. I've also included where I do touch upon these a lot more... ARC's These books… Continue reading -| Ridiculous Winter Book Haul |-

Book Review

-| Assassin Nuns? Reviewing Red Sister |-

So, I'm finally getting around to writing my review for the first in the Book of the Ancestor series Red Sister, I did finish this audiobook about 2 weeks ago so fingers crossed I can remember everything I wanted to say! Let's jump right in... I was born for killing – the gods made me… Continue reading -| Assassin Nuns? Reviewing Red Sister |-