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|| Reviewing || 365 Marks on the Wall by Byn Always

So, I have a review of such a fab book today! 365 Marks on the Wall is disturbing, emotionally exhausting but above all ridiculously addictive! Let's just get straight into it... One bad decision leads to consequences that Lila couldn't begin to fathom. It was just a tube of lipstick. Lila didn't think too much… Continue reading || Reviewing || 365 Marks on the Wall by Byn Always

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Reviewing Darke Blood

So, today i'm reviewing Darke Blood by Lee Hall, now I know what you're thinking, this is a crime fiction blog Blair, why are you reviewing a supernatural book? Well this is actually my first vampire novel, and boy am I glad I read this! Let's get started... โ€œThere are more than shadows lurking in… Continue reading Reviewing Darke Blood