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-| Ultimate Book Tag |-

So, I've had this tag in my drafts for a few months now and I decided to finally take the time to answer these questions. I wasn't tagged in this but I saw it over on Yolanda's blog Past Midnight and thought it would be fun. Let's jump right in... 1. Do you get sick while… Continue reading -| Ultimate Book Tag |-

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|| |Books You Need To Read That Have Less Than 200 Ratings on Goodreads | ||

Right, I absolutely love looking through blogs and booktube but sometimes I feel like we just see a repetitive groups of popular books at the time, I don't often come across lesser known books. So, I decided to go through what I've read since the beginning of the year and highlight 5 (or in this… Continue reading || |Books You Need To Read That Have Less Than 200 Ratings on Goodreads | ||

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|| Real Neat Blog Award Nomination ||

I'm so thankful to Lee over at Lee's Hall of Information for nominating me for this award! If you're unaware Lee is a author of Darke Blood I reviewed back in April, you can find that here. So what does the Real Neat Blog Award nomination mean? Well there’s some rules which are: Display the… Continue reading || Real Neat Blog Award Nomination ||

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Reviewing Darke Blood

So, today i'm reviewing Darke Blood by Lee Hall, now I know what you're thinking, this is a crime fiction blog Blair, why are you reviewing a supernatural book? Well this is actually my first vampire novel, and boy am I glad I read this! Let's get started... “There are more than shadows lurking in… Continue reading Reviewing Darke Blood