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-| Book Recommendations… Psychological Thrillers That Are Worth The Read |-

I don't know about you guys but I really struggle to find a thriller that wows me, so I've decided to share with you my top 5. I tried to choose a couple that you may not be aware of as I feel that books which are really hyped up end up being the ones… Continue reading -| Book Recommendations… Psychological Thrillers That Are Worth The Read |-

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-| Book Recommendations… Crime Thrillers |-

So, as you can see above I've decided to do another book recommendations post, this time with my favourite genre, crime thrillers (as you could probably guess from my blog name). I could of gone on for ages but I just decided to stick to my top 5. I won't be going into too much… Continue reading -| Book Recommendations… Crime Thrillers |-

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-| Book Recommendations… Nordic Noir |-

So I was sitting down trying to think of recommendations to post for you and then *lightbulb* I really miss Nordic Noir, I haven't been ready many books in this genre since exploring fantasy / Sci-fi and Ya. I know that not many people are fans of translated fiction, however it's one of my favourite… Continue reading -| Book Recommendations… Nordic Noir |-

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|| Book Recommendations… Non-Fiction ||

So, I've been scrolling through the books that I've read this year and I realised that there has only been 1 non-fiction book which is pretty unusual. I've been looking for recommendations based on the ones I've already enjoyed and I thought I would share them with you. Let's jump right in... Inside Alcatraz: My… Continue reading || Book Recommendations… Non-Fiction ||