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-| Blog Tour… First Degree Murder |-

So guess who is back with another blog tour for Zooloo’s Book Tours, this cover caught my attention when it hit my emails and I dived straight into it as soon it hit my kindle. A big thank you to both Zoe and the author for having me on the tour and providing me with a copy of the book to read and review for you. Let’s not waste anymore time and just jump right in…

From the author of Silent Is The Crown!

Matty Darcy is a Criminology and Psychology student in the quaint university village of Ambleside. She has survived the normal dramas of student life such as shared living, assignments, heartbreak and friendships. But this year takes the drama to a whole new level when her fellow students start mysteriously dying.

Matty takes it upon herself to catch the killer with the help of local Police Officer, and heartthrob, P.C Nicholas Wilde and her ex-boyfriend Dean. It is a race against the clock to work out who’s killing students, and why.

Matty soon finds out more than she has bargained for… enough to make her the next target!


I devoured this book in one day, it’s not very long but the writing and the structure make this story so addictive that I just couldn’t put it down. It came at the perfect time as well because I was desperately craving a murder mystery so I ate this up.

There were times when I did want more high stakes but I had to remind myself that this was YA not the brutal hardcore crime fiction I’m used to reading but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story and trying to piece together the mystery. I didn’t guess the killer which surprised me in a really good way. The short journal entries from Matty were a really nice touch, I love mixed media in books.

We had a great cast of characters (almost all of them were a suspect to me at one point) making this book super interesting. I enjoyed this book more than I expected, it’s my first book by the author and hopefully not my last, I also hope we get to see more from Matty and especially P.C Wilde.

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So Who Is M.J. Weatherall?

M. J. Weatherall is one of those people who loves writing but always struggles to write about herself. She always feel like she’s bragging (which in and of itself sounds like a brag according to her). She is a young author from Sheffield who moved to the Lake District to get her BSc (Hons) degree in Outdoor Adventure and Environment. More recently she has qualified as a primary school teacher and is now fulfilling her calling as an educator. M. J. loves climbing, kayaking and spending all her spare time in nature. A lifelong bookworm, she takes pride in growing her book knowledge (an asset to any pub quiz team to be sure!). She likes to think that she’s a fun person to be around…at the very least, her cat seems to think so.



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