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-| Book Tag… The Last Book I |-

I’m back with another book tag, I saw this over on Becky’s Book Blog and it looked like so much fun so I couldn’t help myself.
Let’s jump right in…

Last Book(s) I Bought:

I’ve recently just treated myself to a couple of books, Dune by Frank Herbert and True Crime Story by Joseph Knox.

Last Book I Borrowed:

The only way I borrow books at the moment is through my library app Libby, unfortunately 21 Lessons for the 21st Century was returned before I was able to finish it so hopefully I will be able to borrow it again soon.

Last Book(s) I Was Gifted:

My fiancĂ© and son know that I’m easy to please so I was gifted This Might Hurt and a blanket for Mother’s Day the other month which meant a lot to me.

Last Book I Gave Someone Else:

I’ve been recommending You Let Me In to so many people since I read it back in 2019, I even ended up giving my copy to my friend because I was so desperate for her to read it (she still hasn’t yet).

Last Book I Started:

I’ve not long bought True Crime Story and even though I’m still in the middle of a few other books I just couldn’t help but dive straight in.

Last Book I Finished:

I finished the audiobook to The Paris Apartment at the beginning of the week and I posted my review yesterday which you can find here.

Last Book I Rated 5 Stars:

I’m absolutely devouring the Six Stories series on audio, Beast is number four and it was just as good as the rest have been.

Last Book I Rated 2 Stars:

I’ve been pretty lucky with the books I’ve been reading recently, I had to go back all the way to the end of 2020 to find Thirteen Storeys which I scored 2.5 stars. You can read my disappointed review here.

Last Book I DNF’d:

So I haven’t decided yet if I have fully given up on The Shining, I’m halfway through this book and for me it was just really slow. Yes it’s very creepy and the fact that it involves a young boy just like my Noah makes it a little hard to read.

Last Book I Listened To:

I’ve just started Deity which is the fifth book in the Six Stories series, I’ve listened to each of these books on audio as they are structured like true crime podcasts and the narrators do a fantastic job bringing the books to life.

Have you read any of these books?
See you in the next one…


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