Book Review

-| Book Review… Labours of Stone |-

So I know I’ve been quiet for a while but I have still been reading, and when Emma contacted me back in October asking if I wanted to read and review her newest release I jumped at the chance (I’ve just been rubbish and I’m posting this very late). You may recognise the name Em Harding from my multiple posts trying to get you to read her novella Moon-Sitting which I fell in love with.

Day after day, Ephra Stone labours away on trashy romance novels he can’t stand for his nightmarishly pink-obsessed publisher, Halwyn Tân. Ephra’s trapped in a five-book deal from hell and it never seems to end; there’s always one more book to go, one more trope to mangle. And the worst part of it all?
Ephra himself has never been in love.
Every time he catches a whiff of romance, plans mysteriously go awry, dates suddenly have to move away, and Ephra finds himself hopelessly alone again. It’s as if the universe itself has been conspiring against his love life.
That is until, one fateful day, a little birdy leads the way … right into the arms of Ron Brook: sun-kissed god, possible millionaire, and guardian to the world’s most intelligent not-a-dog.
On paper, their relationship makes great material for Ephra’s next romance novel. At least Ephra thinks so. And for once, he’s actually enjoying his writing.
But not everyone is on board with Ephra’s new-found happiness, and Ephra might have to battle more than just some vapid publisher to keep hold of it.

I didn’t even read the synopsis for this book, all I knew what that Em had wrote it so I was going to read it.
It’s a romance (pretty obvious from the cover) which you know I’ve dipped my toes into this year but not enough to be fully competent at reviewing. However her character development is just something else, in both of her works that I’ve read I’ve fully connected with the main character and I just couldn’t help but fall for Ephra. So much so that I was very suspicious of the too good to be true Ron (yes I had my detective hat on the whole time and still didn’t guess what would happen).

Of course I’m not an expert in the romance genre but to me Em put her own spin on it, I loved the twist that she included as it really added an extra layer to this story. Labours of Stone is a pretty short book so I’m not going to mention any plot points as you can easily read this in one sitting.

I love Em Harding’s writing and character development, I will continue to read everything that she publishes and I just hope that readers will start picking up her work.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I’ll see you in the next one…

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