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-| Blog Tour… Sweet Vigilante |-

First I just want to apologise for being quiet for a while, I have still been reading however I’ve been struggling with my epilepsy and work so I haven’t been putting as much of a focus on blogging, hopefully I can find a balance so this blog doesn’t get put on the back burner again.
However I’m excited to be back today with another blog tour for Jim Ody, hopefully you recognise his name by now as this is the third book that I’ve read by him, I will link the other two below.
A big thank you to Zoe from Zooloo’s Book Tours and Jim Ody for allowing me to join this tour and read the book.
Let’s jump in…

The Crazy Season | Tales From The Coffee Pot

The devil lurks in darkness to prey on the weak. Men become monsters. Crime is rampant. 
Gina leads a simple life, quietly caring for an old man she calls Pops. But the night brings her to life. 
When nightmares interrupt her sleep, she patrols the city to protect those the police can’t. She rules the night. 
A familiar figure emerges from the shadows. Gina must return to the house she escaped to finally bury the demons. But someone watches her every move. 
Evil has a face she knows and this time he wants her dead.


Jim Ody is fast becoming an author that I will always pick up as I have really enjoyed each of the three books that I’ve read so far. He has a real talent for writing believable characters that you can’t help but feel connected to. Gina as our main character worked so well, throughout the book we learn why she is so resilient and determined, I would definitely say that there are triggers in this book for child abuse which can be tough to read. I loved her relationship with Pops, he had brought her in off the streets and took her under his wing and they really warmed my heart. We also meet other characters along the way who just feel like family.

We do have flashbacks in between chapters which gave us a massive insight into Ginas background, the timelines seemed a little inconsistent to begin with and I may have just been having a bad day with my head but they left me a little confused as I couldn’t place at what point in her life they would be. That aside this story consumed me, I read it within two sittings and really struggled to put my kindle down. She’s a badass that goes out at night and protects those more vulnerable than her.
I’m really hoping that this becomes a series as there was a super interesting element in this book that I don’t think we were able to explore enough.
I need more from Gina, Pops and Lia!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

-Grab Your Copy Here-

So Who Is Jim Ody?

Jim writes dark psychological/thrillers, Horror and YA books that have endings you won’t see coming, and favours stories packed with wit. He has written over a dozen novels and many more short-stories spanning many genres.
Jim has a very strange sense of humour and is often considered a little odd.  When not writing he will be found playing the drums, watching football and eating chocolate. He lives with his long-suffering wife, three beautiful children and two indignant cats in Swindon, Wiltshire UK.


See you in the next one…


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