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-| Blog Tour… Earth 101 |-

I’m really excited to be part of this blog tour for Emae Church’s debut novel Earth 101. A big thank you to Zoe from Zooloo’s Book Tours and Emae Church for providing me with a copy of the book.

A missing girl. A world of secrecy. A quest to expose the truth.

Jayne knows they’re gone, but no one else will acknowledge what’s happening.

One by one, they’re systematically erased from existence. No explanations. No missing person’s reports. No search parties.

Something sinister is afoot. Jayne can feel it in her bones. But uncovering the truth will prove difficult, especially when she discovers who and what is behind the devious plot.

As she searches for answers, she grapples with the lingering effects of a head injury, an unexpected forbidden romance, and a strange new reality that changes everything.

Will she uncover the truth, or will she be the next innocent victim?

The aspect of this book that really grabbed my attention and made me want to read it was that Jaynes friends are going missing but no one else remembers them not even their parents, it’s as if they are totally erased from the world. The plot definitely didn’t disappoint, I constantly wanted to be reading this book because it was so intriguing and there were twists and turns that I just needed to find out more.

Jayne is a really strong and determined character who has so much thrown at her that it’s hard to believe she’s only 17 with the way she handles her situation. She has so much love for her friends and family, she would do anything to help them. Then we have Aithen the new boy at Jaynes high school, she has no idea that meeting him would change the path her life is taking.

As you can tell from the title and the cover we don’t just stay on Earth, I loved exploring a new planet through Jaynes eyes. Imagine aliens looking like humans and living among us without us even knowing.

I’m so happy that this is the first in a series as I will definitely be continuing, it’s hard to believe that this is the authors debut, I’m really impressed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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So Who Is Emae Church?

Earth 101 is the debut novel from Emae Church, an emerging author, based in the South-West of England, who enjoys the adventure of life with two lovely children, when not saving the world


What’s the best debut that you’ve read this year?
See you in the next one…

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