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-| Books I’ve Loved With Less Than 200 Ratings on Goodreads |-

You have probably noticed that I’m passionate about promoting Indie authors and those who may not have received the publicity which they deserve. I was looking through the books that I’ve read on Goodreads to see how popular the ones I’ve loved are and honestly I was shocked, most of my favourite books/authors have less than 200 ratings, the majority less than 100! I have to keep bringing attention to these as it’s so sad to see them keep flying under the radar.

I have dedicated reviews for each book on this list so have linked them in the titles.
Get your TBR lists ready because I have plenty of books for you to add.
Let’s go…

Something to tell you by David Edwards – 4 Stars – 15 Ratings
Fascinating take on the world is ending.

The Takers and Keepers by Ivan Pope – 4 Stars – 19 Ratings
Chilling but an important topic to tackle.

The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall – 5 Stars – 21 Ratings
A really short beautiful novella.

These Violent Nights by Rebecca Crunden – 5 Stars – 29 Ratings
My favourite book of this year, please stop sleeping on this author!

Moon-Sitting by Emma Harding – 5 Stars – 31 Ratings
This is super short but powerful.

Open Evening by Lee Hall – 4 Stars – 34 Ratings
I love this author.

Million Eyes by C.R. Berry – 5 Stars – 38 Ratings
My first ever time travel book, loved it more than expected.

Darke Blood by Lee Hall – 4 Stars – 45 Ratings
Opened my eyes to the world of paranormal books.

The Crazy Season by Jim Ody – 4.5 Stars – 51 Ratings
Really excited for the rest of the series to be published.

The Teleporter by Lee Hall – 5 Stars – 93 Ratings
Hilarious superhero.

You Have A Very Soft Voice, Susan by Susan Fensten – 4 Stars – 183 Ratings
Chilling true crime.

Salvation Station by Kathryn Schleich – 4.5 Stars – 189 Ratings
Addictive and twisted.

D.I. Sterling Series by Lorraine Mace

Retriever of Souls – 5 Stars – 86 Ratings
Children in Chains – 5 Stars – 75 Ratings
Injections of Insanity – 5 Stars – 37 Ratings
Rage and Retribution – 5 Stars – 51 Ratings

Really great detective series, super addictive, why have I still not read book 5 yet?

The Outlands Pentalogy by Rebecca Crunden

A Touch of Death – 4.5 Stars – 199 Ratings
A History of Madness – 5 Stars – 57 Ratings
A Promise of Return – 5 Stars – 38 Ratings

Amazing fantasy series, currently reading book 4.

I really hope you found some books to add to your TBR,
See you in the next one…


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