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-| The Takers and Keepers by Ivan Pope… Blog Tour |-

A big thank you to Anne from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part, as always you know my reviews will be honest.

Where do the disappeared go?

The girls and women who vanish, seldom to resurface.

Allen Kimbo, a freelance reporter, believes there is a network of men who guard their “taken” and keep the silence that surrounds such deeds.

An email lures him to Eastern Europe, to a meeting of the Takers and Keepers.

His girlfriend, Emily, pleads with him not to go.

In Belgrade more is revealed than he had thought possible.
Back at home, Emily is missing.

I want to start off by saying that this is an very dark book especially when you remember that women vanish all over the world and some of them are actually held captive. This for me was very thought-provoking as I don’t believe that this subject of human trafficking and keepens/captives isn’t something that is discussed enough in society or the media. It has also made me want to do more research on the topic.

I appreciated Allen’s passion and determination to both investigate as well as infiltrate the organisation. Although it was slightly frustrating that he didn’t seem to take Emily’s thoughts and feelings into consideration when it came to his actions.

In such a short book (196 pages) we get to see this “industry” from multiple perspectives which really added an extra layer to this book, seeing this from the point of a long term captive, a released captive and in terms of the logistics of trafficking humans.

Overall if you can handle the dark nature of The Takers and Keepers then I would definitely recommend this.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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So Who Is Ivan Pope?

Ivan Pope is a writer, artist and long-distance cyclist who lives in Brighton.
He graduated from Goldsmiths College Fine Art BA with the YBA generation and was involved with a number of early internet developments in the UK and across the world.
He invented the cybercafe at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts and founded the world’s first web magazine, The World Wide Web Newsletter.
He has taught at art colleges in London, Newport and Brighton.
He is now a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction.
He is currently undertaking a PhD in creative non-fiction at Plymouth University.
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