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-| The Art of Death by David Fennell… Blog Tour |-

So today I’m taking part in a really exciting blog tour, The Art of Death by David Fennell. First a big thank you to Tracy from Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part and to Zaffre for providing me with a physical copy of this stunning proof.

Let’s not waste any time and jump right in…

London’s latest art installation is a real killer . . .
An underground artist leaves three glass cabinets in Trafalgar Square that contain a gruesome installation: the corpses of three homeless men.
With the artist promising more to follow, newly-promoted Detective Inspector Grace Archer and her caustic DS, Harry Quinn, must race against time to follow what few clues have been left by a savvy killer.
As more bodies are exhibited at London landmarks and live streamed on social media, Archer and Quinn’s pursuit of the elusive killer becomes a desperate search.
But when Archer discovers that the killer might be closer than she originally thought – she realises that he has his sights set firmly on her . . .
He is creating a masterpiece. And she will be the star of his show.

Oh boy what a debut, I flew through this book really fast.
What really stood out here is the character development. Our main character is the newly appointed DI Grace Archer, she has a troubled past which we are given just a small insight creating enough intrigue for me to see her as a real person. She is thrown into the grizzly case before she even takes a seat at her desk in a new police force, she finds herself relying on her new partner and only ally DS Quinn, who I also really enjoyed and felt connected to.

We are treated to viewpoints of the “artist” @nonymous, these let us see into the killers mind showing us how he choses the victims and how they are seen from his perspective. What makes someone the perfect victim?
Along with the two main points of view we are also given snippets of the victims lives and how they found themselves in the situation, from tinder dates to serving a customer coffee.

I love the use of social media in crime thrillers and this book blends the two perfectly, there are videos of victims being stalked posted on Facebook as well as murders being live-streamed.
Our killer doesn’t want to hide his victims, he wants to preserve and display them. This book is dark and can be gruesome but the majority of the injuries and deaths are off page.

The Art of Death is fast paced with short chapters making it hard to put down. This is a brilliant debut and I will definitely be reading the authors next book.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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So Who is David Fennell?

David Fennell was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for London at the age of eighteen with £50 in one pocket and a dog-eared copy of Stephen King’s The Stand in the other. He jobbed as a chef, waiter and bartender for several years before starting a career in writing for the software industry. He has been working in CyberSecurity for fourteen years and is a fierce advocate for information privacy.

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