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-| Top 10 Books of 2020 |-

So I know that I’ve been pretty MIA in recent months which I do apologise for, I’ve not been reading much meaning that I didn’t feel I had enough to talk about. I’m slowly starting to read more so hopefully I will be able to become more consistent.

Anyway today is about my Top 10 Books of 2020, they aren’t ranked in order I’ve just organised them alphabetically.

A Promise of Return (The Outlands Pentalogy #3) by Rebecca Crunden

This is the third book in the pentalogy and honestly I don’t want it to end! I’ve become attached to our characters, Kitty, Nate and Thom are like family now. I love the world building in this series, I was able to fully imagine the Red Arena and The Outlands. What I love about these books is Rebecca’s ability to draw me in and make me care about these characters and the plague that is wiping out so many in the Kingdom.
Please read this series!!!
It is so underrated and I will keep talking about it until more people read it! I hope I can start the fourth book soon!
My review here

Creep (Creep #1) by Jennifer Hillier

This book had me hooked from the beginning! I gave my partner a choice of 3 books and this is the book that he chose for me to read and boy did he make a good pick! Sheila is a psychology professor who has a 3 month affair with her graduate student Ethan. When she attempts to end the affair let’s just say that Ethan doesn’t take it very well. The twists took me by surprise and left me shocked. Creep was addictive and I was talking so much about it at work that I’ve given it to a friend so that I can discuss it with her once she’s finished it!

Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

I started reading this on a complete whim after seeing a TikTok about it, I was in need of something completely different to what I normally read to kick start my mojo and this was perfect for that! Who knew that I needed a gang of four brothers known as vipers with a kickass female protagonist in a dark erotic reverse harem. You may be wondering how the hell it has ended up on my top 10 of the year, I became so attached to the characters and I read it at the perfect time, it made me excited to read again and I wish there was more from our vipers.

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Bare with me guys as this is the first Fae book I’ve ever read, are they all like this? Because if so then I have seriously been missing out! By no means is this perfect but my enjoyment level pushed this book to become one of my favourites. This was exactly what I needed at the time that I read it.
Let’s talk characters, as you may know I’m normally a very plot heavy reader however here I didn’t mind that we had so much focus and development with the characters, in fact I loved it, they wormed their way into my dark heart. Bryce to begin with annoyed the tits off me! She was portrayed as just a dumb party girl, however her development was evident by the end of the book. There’s a lot of stigma around Sarah J. Maas’ books, this was one of the main things that made me nervous about picking House of Earth and Blood up, however I cannot fault her ability to write characters that I became fully invested in. I’m considering when it’s acceptable to reread this which is something I never do.
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Hunting Evil (Robert Hunter #10) by Chris Carter

I think by now you guys know that this is one of my favourite series, I absolutely love these instalments.
I love when the cases have a personal connection to either Hunter or Garcia and in this book it is Hunter as his room mate from University has turned into one of the most prolific serial killers in the country. If you have read An Evil Mind which is the 6th in the series then you will definitely appreciate this book more. There are high stakes in this book and they definitely made me hold my breathe in a few scenes.

Lazarus (Joona Linna #7) by Lars Kepler

If you don’t know already this is my favourite Nordic Noir series, I’m so sad that I have to wait for however long until the next instalment! I can’t go into too much detail as this number 7 in the series however if you’re a fan of Chris Carter (such as the book above) then you will love these books. The writing is addictive however these books will not be for everyone as some of the instalments are really graphic.

Qualityland (QualityLand #1) by Marc-Uwe Kling

This is the most bizarre book that I’ve ever read and honestly I couldn’t give it anything less than 5 stars! We start this book with a tour guide pamphlet and technical note, I knew straight away that this book was going to be something completely different to my regular reads. This is both a hilarious and terrifying look at the near future where algorithms take away our ability to make our own decisions. I loved Peter Jobless and his band of automated misfits, they take on the most successful company in the world TheShop. At the same time we also have the first Android running for presidency under the slogan “Machines don’t make Mistakes”.
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Ranger’s Oath (Arc of Radiance/Fall of Radiance #1) by Blake Arthur Peel

I read this book as part of the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year (it won 5th place) I really enjoyed it and was hoping it would rank higher to be honest. This book took me by surprise, I really enjoyed the characters and the friendship that developed between them. The world building was great I could really imagine the environment.

The Other You by J.S. Monroe

My first 5 star of the year. This plot is so intricate and complex with lots of little twists and turns which are done so well and they all link up. I can’t even tell you anything about the book, just know that everytime I thought I knew which direction the book was heading in a curve ball was thrown my way! I had to keep updating my partner because I needed to talk to somebody about this and I kept shouting at the book and at one point I think I actually swore. I really wish I could tell you more about this but I want you to experience it for yourselves. I actually stayed up until 4am Saturday morning to finish this book as every chapter something would happen and I just couldn’t put it down.
-You can find my review here-

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro (Chronicles of the Bitch Queen #1) by K.S. Villoso

This is an extremely character driven fantasy which I don’t read very often but oh boy did this book consume me!
The world-building was amazing, we are in an Asian inspired world which is absolutely beautiful. I could vividly see the villages and towns which we visit. I really took my time reading this book which I don’t usually do, I just didn’t want to leave the world that the author has created. We have really fleshed out characters in here, Queen Talyien (Tali) is badass without having to be prim, proper and perfect. I absolutely love Khine and I hope he remains a central figure in the second book as the banter between him and Tali made me constantly smile, I feel so connected to these characters.
-Read my full review here-

I’d love to know what books have made it onto your list.
See you in the next one…


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