Monthly Wrap Up

-| Wrapping Up… October 2020 |-

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve been here, I needed time off as I’ve been feeling really burnt out lately especially with work aswell as home life. Hopefully this will be the start of me rebuilding my blog again.
I managed to read 4 books in October so I thought I would share them with you

The Resident by David Jackson

I listened to this on audio and I think that added to the creepy vibe. I enjoyed learning about the neighbours through Brogans eyes, this is a book about a serial killer hiding in an abandoned house and then finding that he can sneak into the adjoining houses through the attic spaces. He becomes fixated on the people living in those houses and we are along for the ride in his mind. I did enjoy The Resident and I haven’t read anything like it however I found myself wanting more.

Creep (Creep #1) by Jennifer Hillier

This book had me hooked from the beginning! I gave my partner a choice of 3 books and this is the book that he chose for me to read and boy did he make a good pick! Sheila is a psychology professor who has a 3 month affair with her graduate student Ethan. When she attempts to end the affair let’s just say that Ethan doesn’t take it very well. This book was addictive and I was talking so much about it at work that I’ve given it to a friend so that I can discuss it with her once she’s finished it!

Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

I started reading this on a complete whim after seeing a TikTok about it, I was in need of something completely different to what I normally read to kick start my reading mojo and this was perfect for that! Who knew that I needed a gang of four brothers known as vipers with a kickass female protagonist in a dark erotic reverse harem. You may be wondering why the hell I’ve given it 5 stars, I became so attached to the characters and I read it at the perfect time, it made me excited to read again and I wish there was more from these characters.

Lazarus (Joona Linna #7) by Lars Kepler

You guys will probably know by now that this is my favourite Nordic Noir series, I’m so sad that I have to wait for however long until the next instalment! I can’t go into too much detail as this number 7 in the series however if you’re a fan of Chris Carter then you will love these books. The writing is addictive however these books will not be for everyone as some of the instalments are really graphic.

What have been your favourite reads of the month?
Did any books disappoint you?
See you in the next one…


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