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-| Underrated Books That I Recommend… Top 5 Saturday |-

Top 5 Saturday is hosted by Mandy over at Devouring Books, today’s theme is Recommended Reads but I missed last weeks topic Underrated Books/Hidden Gems which I really wanted to take part in so I’ve decided to mash them together!

The Upcoming Top 5 Saturday Schedule Is:

25/7/20 — #OwnVoices Books

1/8/20 — Enemies to Lovers

8/8/20 — Underrated Books/Hidden Gems

15/8/20 — Recommended Reads

22/8/20 — Young Adult Books

29/8/20 — Detective Books

A Touch of Death (The Outlands Pentalogy #1) by Rebecca Crunden

A thousand years in the future, the last of humanity live inside the walls of the totalitarian Kingdom of Cutta. The rich live in Anais, the capital city of Cutta, sheltered from the famine and disease which ravage the rest of the Kingdom. Yet riches and power only go so far, and even Anaitians can be executed. It is only by the will of the King that Nate Anteros, son of the King’s favourite, is spared from the gallows after openly dissenting. But when he’s released from prison, Nate disappears.
A stark contrast, Catherine Taenia has spent her entire life comfortable and content. The daughter of the King’s Hangman and in love with Thom, Nate’s younger brother, her life has always been easy, ordered and comfortable. That is, where it doesn’t concern Nate. His actions sullied not only his future, but theirs. And unlike Thom, Catherine has never forgiven him.
Two years pass without a word, and then one night Nate returns. But things with Nate are never simple, and when one wrong move turns their lives upside down, the only thing left to do is run where the King’s guards cannot find them – the Outlands. Those wild, untamed lands which stretch around the great walls of the Kingdom, filled with mutants and rabids.
-My Review-

I will continue to mention this series until some of you tell me that you have started it! This series is extremely underrated! It’s a dystopian with a great cast and a fascinating world, I’ve read three of the books so far and I’m hoping to get started on the next book soon!

The Hypnotist (Joona Linna #1) by Lars Kepler

Prepare for The Hypnotist to cast its spell
In the frigid clime of Tumba, Sweden, a gruesome triple homicide attracts the interest of Detective Inspector Joona Linna, who demands to investigate the murders. The killer is still at large, and there’s only one surviving witness—the boy whose family was killed before his eyes. Whoever committed the crimes wanted this boy to die: he’s suffered more than one hundred knife wounds and lapsed into a state of shock. Desperate for information, Linna sees only one option: hypnotism. He enlists Dr. Erik Maria Bark to mesmerize the boy, hoping to discover the killer through his eyes.
It’s the sort of work that Bark has sworn he would never do again—ethically dubious and psychically scarring. When he breaks his promise and hypnotizes the victim, a long and terrifying chain of events begins to unfurl.

The Hypnotist is the first book in my favourite Nordic Noir series by Lars Kepler, I would love more people to read translated fiction.

Moon-Sitting by Emma Mort Harding

The Moon fell into the Ocean and the Waves wept.
Infinity was once home to a thriving civilisation. That is, before the Moon arrived. The enormous, spherical structure brought with it death and destruction, wiping out most of the population with a series of earthquakes and tsunamis.
Since then the Moon has sat silently on the southern edge of Infinity’s mass continent.
Lucky Marsh is one of three moon-sitters charged with monitoring the Moon, acting as a living alarm system for Infinity’s last city. They must watch, but never touch: that’s the golden rule of moon-sitting. However, for the ever-curious Lucky, that rule has become increasingly difficult to abide.
Her nightmares compel her to do more. Her feet betray her while she sleeps.
-My Review-

Adding Moon-Sitting to this list has made me want to reread it! It’s only a novella so it’s super short but it’s so powerful and I can’t wait to read more from the author.

The Other You by J.S. Monroe

Is he who you think he is?
Kate used to be good at recognising people. So good, she worked for the police, identifying criminals in crowds of thousands. But six months ago, a devastating car accident led to a brain injury. Now the woman who never forgot a face can barely recognise herself in the mirror.
At least she has Rob. Kate met him just after her accident, and he nursed her back to health in his high-tech modernist house on the Cornish coast. When she’s with him, the nightmares of the accident fade, and she feels safe and loved.
Until, one day, she looks at Rob anew – and knows, with absolute certainty, that he has been replaced by an impostor. Is she right? Have her old recognition skills returned? Or is it all in her damaged mind?
-My Review-

This book had me jumping up and down! They’re were so many twists that I couldn’t sit still, I took part in the blog tour for this and I couldn’t rave about it enough.

The Teleporter by Lee Hall

Just when you thought there were enough super hero stories in this world, we made another one…
Kurt Wiseman is your average mid-twenties slouch with a serial thirst for alcohol, that is until destiny calls upon him to stumble where no man has clumsily stumbled before. By day he works for a familiar sounding, power hungry, media controlling, mega rich American businessman who represents everything wrong with society today. Whilst investigating this politically loaded story arc Kurt accidentally acquires a super power like no other. The ability to teleport!
Before he can think about saving the day, Wiseman must endure a journey of self-reflection by earning the trust of his friends and overcoming his greatest weakness, booze. Even if the path is filled with comic book cliché, inappropriate one liners and genre busting fourth wall action.
Not all heroes in this world are the same and with great power comes the possibility to go viral!
This is a story that will unite humanity… Kurt Wiseman is the Teleporter
-My Review-

I had so much fun reading The Teleporter, if you’ve followed my blog for a little while then you will know that I don’t often read books that make me laugh. Kurt Wiseman definitely isn’t your average superhero and he’s not necessarily the best but he will give it his best shot!

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations, please let me know if you have read any of them and your thoughts.
What books do you think are underrated?
See you in the next one..


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