My Chronicle Book Box

-| The London Commute… My Chronicle Book Box July 2020 |-

So yesterday I came home to the July My Chronicle Book Box which definitely cheered me up after work. This months theme is The London Commute, let’s open it up…

Sherlock Holmes Art Print
This print was created by Nazli at Ghost Office prints after her own trip to Baker Street.

Bamboo Travel Mug
Designed by Rex London’s in-house graphic designers and made from Bamboo fibre, this mug is both stylish and eco-fiendly.

The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish

On the morning of Monday 23rd December, Jamie Buckby takes the commuter riverboat from his home in St Mary’s, southeast London, to work in Central London, noting that his good friend and neighbour Kit Roper has not turned up for the 7.30am service they usually catch together.
At the London Eye, where he disembarks for his job in a café behind the South Bank Centre, Jamie is met by the police. Kit has been reported missing by his wife.
As Jamie is taken in for questioning, he discovers someone saw him arguing with Kit on the boat home late on Friday night. The other passenger believes Jamie committed murder.
But what really happened?

I love this box, I commute 90 minutes each way to work so the travel mug will definitely be used. I’ve seen this book around quite a bit and it has a pretty interesting premise.
Do you get any subscription boxes?
See you in the next one…

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