Monthly Wrap Up

-| Wrapping Up… June 2020 |-

So in June I read or should I say mainly listened to 4 books, this is the lowest reading month I’ve had since I started my blog about 2 years ago! If it wasn’t for audiobooks I probably wouldn’t even be posting a wrap up for this month.

I had 3 really great books and then possibly my worst book of the year so far,
let’s jump in…

The Cleaner (Cleaner #1) by Paul Cleave (audio)
We begin with such a strong and thrilling introduction, however there are so many problems! The main being serious fat shaming throughout the whole book and it just gets worse, Joe then states that not only is Sally fat but she’s also “mentally handicapped” he doesn’t believe that she even has the capacity to drive a car, “there’s only an on or an off switch for people like her”.
From the half way point the plot seems to fall apart and things stop making sense.
I go into more detail about my issues here.

Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay (audio)
The audiobook for this was thrilling and addictive, I couldn’t stop listening! I thought this was different to any other thriller I’ve listened to, it wasn’t predictable and the ending actually made me gasp on the bus!

The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith (eARC)
Reading this at any other time it would be dystopian fiction however right now it’s scarily similar to our current situation. The Waiting Rooms is seriously thought provoking, imagine turning 70 and suddenly a scratch from a cat could kill you if it became infected. The concept is fascinating and the execution didn’t disappoint! The ending was really well done, I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in this topic.
My stop on the blog tour is here.

Winter Dark (The Winter Series #1) by Alex Callister (audio)
I listened to this all in one day last weekend and I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of the programme Killing Eve, I could definitely see Jodie Comer playing Winter.

Fingers crossed I find my reading mojo again in July, how was your month?
See you guys in the next one…

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