Book Box Club

-| Courageous & Kind… Book Box Club June 2020 |-

I came home from work yesterday to a book of happiness which of course was Junes Book Box Club with the theme being Courageous & Kind…

Rainbow Jellies by Bear and Bee Sweet Co.
“Fuel your courageous nature with a sugar hit (and if you’re feeling extra kind, share with a friend!). We hope that these vegan jelly rainbows will brighten your day!”

Courage Dear Heart Window Sticker by Forensics & Flowers:
“Channel your inner Aslan and empower your neighbours and passers-by with this exclusive window sticker, inspired by the bravest lion in Narnia.”

Miniature Plant Pot by Blanca Gomez:
“Bring a sense of well-being to your desk with this super cute mini plant pot. If you’re not green-fingered, it makes an equally excellent egg-cup!”

Mini Flower Kit by Book Box Club:
“Grow a tiny floral miracle with this handy flower patch pouch! Simply plant, water and sit back and enjoy the blooms!”

Have Courage and Be Kind Banner by Georgiou Draws:
“Ugly stepsisters giving you a hard time? Carriage turned into a pumpkin? Lost Your Shoe? Don’t fret, just hang this exclusive botanical banner and calmly repeat Cinderella’s mantra!”

Thoe Short Knife Print:
“With thanks from our friends at Andersen Press”

Now For The Book…

The Short Knife by Elen Caldecott

It is the year 454AD. The Roman Empire has withdrawn from Britain, throwing it into the chaos of the Dark Ages. Mai has been kept safe by her father and her sister, Haf.
But when Saxon warriors arrive at their farm, the family is forced to flee to the hills where British warlords lie in wait. Can Mai survive in a dangerous world where speaking her mother tongue might be deadly, and where even the people she loves the most can’t be trusted? 

This book looks stunning!!
See you guys in the next one…

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