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-| Reviewing… The Woman Who Went Overboard |-

So I’ve finally got around to writing my review for The Woman Who Went Overboard by Florence Wetzel, I finished this two weeks ago so I’m sorry it’s took a little while. The author did send me a copy of this book to read and review but as you guys know this never affects my reviews…

A psychological thriller about a Swedish-American woman who becomes obsessed by a Norwegian widower during a cruise along the coast of Norway.
Agnes Andersson is an awkward middle-aged woman who desperately wants a husband. And what better place to find one than on a cruise along the coast of Norway? During the voyage Agnes meets her ideal man, a handsome Norwegian widower named Einar. The only problem is that Einar prefers Pamela—Agnes’ new best friend.
When Pamela’s body washes ashore almost a year later, her daughter visits Agnes to ask questions about the cruise. Their conversation becomes a cat-and-mouse game where Agnes bends the facts to avoid revealing the truth about Pamela’s disappearance and death.

Oh Agnes! I don’t know whether to hate her or feel bad for her!
Agnes is desperate to find herself a tall and handsome Scandinavian husband.
What happens when her ideal man comes along but he becomes more interested in her new cruise “bestie” Pamela?
Pamela’s daughter visits Agnes to try and get some answers as to how her mothers body ended up overboard, was she suicidal or is there a more sinister explanation?

The atmosphere that the author created coupled with the writing style made this book so hard to put down I just wanted to keep reading more to see what would be revealed next. I found myself flying through it and loved the way that this story was told alternating from the account of events she’s telling Wendy to flashbacks of what actually happened.

We have so many interesting characters here but as this is a mystery I really want you to experience them for yourself. I hope that more people pick this book up and I will definitely be reading more from Florence Wetzel.

-Grab Your Copy Here-

See you guys in the next one…

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