Book Box Club

-| Dangers and Dragons… May Book Box Club |-

So it’s that time of the month again, my Book Box Club has arrived!
This month’s theme is Dangers and Dragons so let’s crack it open…

Hungarian Horntail Candle by Midnight Flame Co.
“Host your own Tri-Wizard Tournament and defeat the most vicious of all dragons! Luckily we’ve used our magic powers to transform her into a cinnamon and cedarwood candle! That should make things a little easier!”
– Etsy Shop –

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb by Druid And The Witch
“Can you hatch your own baby dragon? Submerge this egg beneath the bath-water, holler “Dracarys” Daenerys-style and imagine hatching your own baby dragon. Beware, dragonfolk aren’t renowned for being the most peaceful bathing companions!”
– Etsy Shop –

I earned My Book Box Club Pin for buying my 10th book box!

Draconis Enamel Necklace by Book Box Club
“Everyone needs their own pet dragon! Wear this winged beauty around your neck. Just beware she doesn’t accidentally burn your eyebrows off with a sudden fiery roar!”

Dragon Socks by Joe Cool
“Turn your tootsies into fire-breathing fangs with these super snappy socks!”
– Website –

Smaug Foil Print with Artwork by Tim Ingle Art
“Pay tribute to the last great dragon on Middle Earth with this super-shiny exclusive print.”
Website –

Bookish Extras from Hachette Children’s Books and HarperCollins

Burn by Patrick Ness

In 1956 Sarah Dewhurst’s father shocks her by hiring a dragon to work the farm.
The dragon is a smaller blue rather than the traditional larger reds, though even the reds are now scarce. When the blue dragon, Kazimir, unexpectedly saves Sarah and her friend Jason Inagawa from the attentions of the racist police deputy, Kelby, everything changes. Sarah is part of a prophecy and she must escape the clutches of Malcolm, an assassin from a Believer Cell, the dragon-worshiping cult.
When Sarah, Malcolm, and Kazimir eventually converge, they are thrown into another universe, where dragons seem never to have existed. Can they save this world and the one they left?

I have seen this book around booktube recently so I’m super interested to see what I will think of it.

I really enjoyed this box, let me know if you get this box or any others.
See you in the next one….

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