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-| Reviewing… Salvation Station |-

So today I’m reviewing Salvation Station by Kathryn Schleich, I was provided with a copy from She Writes Press but as you know these are my own thoughts and I will always be honest with you guys.

Let’s jump in…

When committed female police captain Linda Turner, haunted by the murders of two small children and their pastor father, becomes obsessed with solving the harrowing case, she finds herself wrapped up in a mission to expose a fraudulent religious organisation and an unrepentant killer.
 Despite her years of experience investigating homicides for the force, Captain Linda Turner is haunted by the murders of the Hansen family. The two small children, clothed in tattered Disney pajamas, were buried with their father, a pastor, in the flower garden behind a church parsonage in Lincoln, Nebraska. But Mrs. Hansen is nowhere to be found—and neither is the killer.
 In St. Louis, the televangelist Ray Williams is about to lose his show—until one of his regular attendees approaches him with an idea that will help him save it. Despite his initial misgivings, Ray agrees to give it a try. He can’t deny his attraction to this woman, and besides, she’d assured him the plan is just—God gave her the instructions in a dream.
 Multiple story lines entwine throughout this compelling mystery, delving into the topics of murder, religious faith, and the inherent dangers in blindly accepting faith as truth. While Reverend Williams is swept up in his newfound success and plans for his wedding, Captain Turner can only hope that she and her team will catch the Hansens’ cunning killer—before more bodies surface.

Schleich’s writing is both easy to read and addictive. it’s shocking that this is her debut novel. The two story lines intertwine perfectly with just the right amount of focus on each one, I love that we were able to see how frustrating police work actually can be, cases can’t all be solved within a week or month. I really enjoyed the determination of Captain Linda Turner and her partnership with Malachi.
I would love to delve into the actions and rationale of all the characters that play a part in this twisted tale but I want you to experience them for yourself!

Religion is prominent throughout this thriller, however it doesn’t stop the book from exploring dark themes as we start the book with the murder of a father and his two very young children. I don’t normally gravitate towards thrillers that involve children however I’ve always had an interest in books that explore the dark side of religion (not sure what this says about me as a person). Through the use of faith and religion can you manipulate someone to give you their whole life savings?
What happens when your plan starts to unravel?

I absolutely recommend this to any of you looking for a dark religious thriller that’s hard to put down.

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Let me know if you pick this up!
See you in the next one…

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