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-| Wrapping Up… April (I Failed My O.W.L’s) |-

So I didn’t read as much as I hoped I would in April, however I did manage to finish 7 books which in the grand scheme of things is still pretty good. I read a new favourite book of the year this month which I still can’t stop thinking about and it was over 800 pages so technically that took the space of two books right?

In terms of format I finished 2 Audiobooks, 2 eBooks and 3 physical books.

A Natural History of Dragons (The Memoirs of Lady Trent #1) by Marie Brennan
(O.W.L – Care Of Magical Creatures)

Ok so I 100% read this book purely because of the cover without actually reading the synopsis. If I had then maybe I would have known that this wouldn’t have been the book for me. I don’t enjoy historical fiction, it’s just not something that engages me in the story. I also found this to be really slow moving which does fit with the plot-line of the book I’m just not the intended audience for this.

18 Tiny Deaths: The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics by Bruce Goldfarb
This is a must read for those with an interest in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.
This is non-fiction about Frances Lee who basically changed the way that crimes are investigated. It’s shocking to see how hard she had to fight just to get people to realise that many murders were being missed and that crime scenes needed to be investigated differently.
– My Stop On the Blog Tour is Here –

Open Evening by Lee Hall
This is the fourth book I’ve read by Lee Hall and it didn’t disappoint! Here we have non-stop action with an unlikely band of characters, there are seriously high stakes with times where I was kept on the edge of my seat. This definitely exceeded my expectations, it’s so addictive and I will hopefully get to the sequel Cemetery House soon.
-My Review is Here-

The Guest List by Lucy Foley (O.W.L’S – Charms)
I really didn’t know if I was going to enjoy this due to all the hype surrounding it as they don’t always meet my high expectations, however this one blew my mind! The pacing of this book is perfect! It was just enough that I really struggled putting this book down as I just kept wanting to read one more chapter to see what could possibly happen next. The ending was really satisfying which doesn’t happen very often in thrillers.
-I Posted A Review For This Book Here-

Rattle (The Bone Collector #1) by Fiona Cummins
This is a seriously chilling audiobook! There’s such an interesting concept to our serial killer which I’ve seen compared to Hannibal Lector and I have to agree, this book is really well done. This is not a book that you can read to relax, I was so damn tense and stressed the whole time but I couldn’t stop myself from listening to it. I do recommend it to those who enjoy intense thrillers about serial killers. I’m hoping to listen to book two next month.
-My Audiobook Review is Here-

Do I even need to talk about this book? I’m slowly making my way through this series as an adult and confession time I’ve never read past this book, so I will be reading the next 3 books for the first time. Goblet of Fire has always been my favourite movie so I loved revisiting this book.

My last 5 star book (and my favourite book) will probably shock you just as much as it shocked me…

My review for this book should hopefully be up tomorrow so I’m going to keep this relatively brief. This book completely took me by surprise, I’ve had a pretty tough time reading this month so this may have been the reason why I fell so hard for it. It’s my first ever read by Sarah J. Maas, I’ve been nervous about reading her work as there is a stigma attached to her name but I really did love the characters.

O.W.L’s I Failed…

Mimbulus Mimletonia: Title starts with an M
The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

Shrinking Solution: Book under 150 pages
To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers

I basically set myself up for failure as I already knew that I wouldn’t be in the mood for them this month however I really struggled to find books that fit with the prompts.

Did you read everything you wanted to get to this month?
See you in the next one…


8 thoughts on “-| Wrapping Up… April (I Failed My O.W.L’s) |-”

  1. Omg someone else who also failed their O.W.L.s?! 😭 I legit thought I was going to be the only person to have failed because everyone else has had roaring successes! Looks like you had a pretty great reading month though! I’m looking forward to reading Crescent City and I’m stoked to hear it’s your new fave 😀

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  2. I read all of the HP books starting around this time last year. I was so glad that I did. I had read a few previously then stopped. My daughter and I reread them, she where she lives and I at my home. It was fun to have the shared experience. JK Rowling penned such a clever series. Looking forward to your further HP posts.

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