My Chronicle Book Box

-| Secrets in the Swedish Forest… My Chronicle Book Box |-

So today I’m unboxing the My Chronicle Book Box for April, the theme is Secrets in the Swedish Forest which I’m so excited for.
Let’s just get started and open the box…

Cyanide Coaster Set by FortyVenus
An original Art Deco-style pattern with a deadly twist. Inspired by Agatha Christie’s use of plant-derived poisons in her books.

Scandinavian Noir Note Book
Inspired by Will Dean and his books, what will you record in yours?

Sexton Blake and the Great War (Sexton Blake Library Book 1) by Mark Hodder

As brilliant as Sherlock Holmes. As daring as James Bond. Sexton Blake, the adventuring detective, is back! This first volume of a new series reinstates one of literatures greatest detectives – back in print for the first time in decades! 
As the battle for the Western Front rages, adventuring detective Sexton Blake pits his intellect and physical prowess against the machinations of the Kaiser. A band of intrepid allies join Blake to take on the forces of evil in three classic stories, collected here for the first time.
From uncovering secret German naval bases to dangling from Zeppelins, fighting atop moving trains and escaping firing squads, Blake moves through war-torn Europe solving mysteries and fighting against tyranny.
Join him as he enters a war of secrets, soldiers and spies…

Black River (Tuva Moodyson Mystery #3) by Will Dean

Black River is an electrifying return for relentless reporter Tuva Moodyson, from the author of Dark Pines and Red Snow.
Tuva’s been living clean in southern Sweden for four months when she receives horrifying news. Her best friend Tammy Yamnim has gone missing.
Racing back to Gavrik at the height of Midsommar, Tuva fears for Tammy’s life. Who has taken her, and why? And who is sabotaging the small-town search efforts?
Surrounded by dark pine forest, the sinister residents of Snake River are suspicious of outsiders. Unfortunately, they also hold all the answers. On the shortest night of the year, Tuva must fight to save her friend. The only question is who will be there to save Tuva?

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing,
See you guys in the next one…


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