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-| Mythical Monsters… March Book Box Club |-

So here’s my unboxing of the Book Box Club for March and the theme is Mythical Monsters which I was so excited for!
This book definitely came at a great time for me as it was a little box of excitement and happiness in a time of stress and uncertainty.

Mythical Monsters Wall Hanging with artwork by Klara Hawkins
“Pin this definitive field guide to magical creatures on your wall and look out for real-life sightings in the wild. The first to spot a Centaur wins!”

I absolutely love this wall hanging, as soon as my partner saw it he was trying to find somewhere for us to hang it which is definitely a good sign.

Nessie Tea Strainer by Ototo Design
“Brew a proper cuppa withe assistance of the Loch’s most notorious resident.”

I can’t deal with how cute this is!

Dragon Well Loose Leaf Tea by The True Tea Company
“Make tea like the dragons do (with a Nessie themed tea strainer!). This light and fruity tea blend will set you up for a day of fire breathing and wing flapping!”

I love that we have been given a tea to use with our Nessie strainer, I will hopefully have tried this by the time you’re reading this.

Iorek Enamel Pin by Book Box Club
“If only all mythical monsters were as loyal and strong as the mighty Iorek. Wear this pin with pride in memory of the greatest armoured bear bestie a book-lover could wish for.”

I’ve not long read Northern Lights so I recognised Iorek straight away and I really love him!

Niffler Magnet with Artwork by Emily Carrier
“Watch out! This cute little Niffler has escaped Newt’s suitcase and is headed for your home! Pop this exclusive magnet on your fridge, just make sure the door is firmly closed, Nifflers love nothing more than burrowing down amongst your fruit and veg!”

How cute is this, my little boy couldn’t wait to put it on our fridge.

Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury

Alva is the daughter of a loch-keeper and the guardian of a dark past. Desperate to escape her isolated existence, she is making preparations for a new life. But as her getaway plans begin to take shape, myths of a monstrous tribe threaten to shatter everything she thought she knew about her family, her home and her future.

I’ve seen the cover of this book before but I’ve not heard anyone talk about it, there’s less than 300 pages so I think it will be a quick read. Even though I wasn’t that interested when I first unwrapped it while I’m writing this I think that it may be exactly what I need right now.

I really loved this box, I think it may even be one of my favourite boxes that I’ve received! It makes things even better when I can use the majority of the goodies.
What do you guys think?
See you in the next one…


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