My Chronicle Book Box

-| Perfectly Impossible… February My Chronicle Book Box Unboxing |-

It’s that time of month again when My Chronicle Book Box lands on my doorstep and I just couldn’t wait to open it and dive in!

It goes without saying that there are obviously spoilers in this post so if you are waiting for your box then you may not want to scroll any further.

Let’s jump in…

Mystery Impossible candle created by Danielle from Bookworm Candles & Crafts exclusively for My Chronicle Book Box. Inspiration from Agatha Christie and locked-room mysteries. With a citrus fresh scent inspired by the glamour of the 1920’s and 1930’s.
You can find her Etsy shop here.

This pair of exclusive Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson inspired postcards are exclusive to My Chronicle Book Box. They are a fun addition with a modern twist on our victorian Sherlock Holmes.

This Poirot pocket mirror fits with the author perfectly as and has written three Poirot novels with permission from the Agatha Christie estate. This Art Deco pocket mirror was designed and printed in Yorkshire. “Perfect for applying lipstick, checking on a neatly waxed Poirot-style moustache or subtly looking over your shoulder at potential suspects…”

Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah

All Beth has to do is drive her son to his Under-14s away match, watch him play, and bring him home.
Just because she knows her ex-best friend lives near the football ground, that doesn’t mean she has to drive past her house and try to catch a glimpse of her. Why would Beth do that, and risk dredging up painful memories? She hasn’t seen Flora for twelve years. She doesn’t want to see her today, or ever again.
But she can’t resist. She parks outside the open gates of Newnham House, watches from across the road as Flora and her children Thomas and Emily step out of the car. Except… There’s something terribly wrong. Flora looks the same, only older. As Beth would have expected. It’s the children. Twelve years ago, Thomas and Emily were five and three years old. Today, they look precisely as they did then.
They are still five and three. They are Thomas and Emily without a doubt – Hilary hears Flora call them by their names – but they haven’t changed at all.
They are no taller, no older… Why haven’t they grown?

This book sounds so bizarre but has seriously piqued my interest! I’m a little worried that there will be a supernatural reason for the children not having grown older in 12 year. Fingers crossed it’s done well, I’m actually excited to get to this book soon.

I loved this months theme, it’s reminded me that I really need to start reading my beautiful edition of Sherlock Holmes.
Louise always puts so much thought into the boxes and I appreciate that she uses small and local businesses.
Next months theme is ‘An Invitation to Die For’ and I’m so excited for it!

See you in the next one…


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