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So today is my stop on the blog tour for Never Look Back by A. L. Gaylin, this is my first audiobook tour and I really enjoyed it, as you may know I do listen to a lot of audiobooks so this was a perfect blog tour for me.
A big thank you to Tracy over at Compulsive Readers for inviting me to take part.

When website columnist Robin Diamond is contacted by true crime podcast producer Quentin Garrison, she assumes it’s a business matter. It’s not. Quentin’s podcast, Closure, focuses on a series of murders in the 1970s, committed by teen couple April Cooper and Gabriel LeRoy. It seems that Quentin has reason to believe Robin’s own mother may be intimately connected with the killings.
Robin thinks Quentin’s claim is absolutely absurd. But is it? The more she researches the Cooper/LeRoy murders herself, the more disturbed she becomes by what she finds. Living just a few blocks from her, Robin’s beloved parents are the one absolute she’s always been able to rely upon, especially now amid rising doubts about her husband and frequent threats from internet trolls. She knows her mother better than anyone—or so she believes. But all that changes when, in an apparent home invasion, Robin’s father is killed and her mother’s life hangs in the balance.
Told through the eyes of Robin, podcaster Quentin, and a series of letters written by fifteen-year-old April Cooper at the time of the killings, Never Look Back asks the question:
How well do we really know our parents, our partners—and ourselves?

This is my first book from A. L. Gaylin and I really enjoyed it!
Loved that this was in a podcast format, I believe this worked even better in audio with the added sound effects. I really felt involved in the investigation, I love true crime so I found the premise of this book super interesting and couldn’t wait to get started.

This book started in one direction and completely changed course which was super unexpected but I loved it. We flick back and forth between the past being April Cooper and the present being both Quentin and Robin. Super interesting concept, loved the mystery surrounding April Cooper and weather she actually survived. Real Bonnie and Clyde vibes from the Inland Empire murders.

Robins perspective was super interesting, raising the question should our parents be an open book to their children? I Loved being in Aprils head and seeing events pan out from her point of view through the letters she writes to her future daughter. This book was so addictive and I loved seeing the whole mystery pan out, I would definitely recommend the audiobook for this as it’s a fully immersive reading experience.

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So who is A. L. Gaylin?

USA Today and International Best-selling author Alison Gaylin has been nominated for the Edgar four times. Most recently, her thriller IF I DIE TONIGHT, won the award in the category Best Paperback Original.  

Her critically acclaimed suspense novels have been published in such countries as the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan and Romania. 
She has won the Shamus and RT Reviewers Choice Awards for her books, and has been nominated for the ITW Thriller, Anthony and Strand Book Awards. Her books have been on the bestseller lists in the US, Germany and Belgium.  IF I DIE TONIGHT (out March, 2018 from William Morrow) is her tenth book.

NORMANDY GOLD, the graphic novel she wrote with Megan Abbott, is out from Titan/Hard Case Crime in April, 2018.


See you guys in the next one…

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