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-| Toxic Deception… Blog Tour |- @kcgilliswriter @damppebbles

So today is my stop on the tour for Toxic Deception by K.C. Gillis.
The tour is organised by Damp Pebbles so a big thank you to Emma for inviting me to take part.

Strange symptoms. Bloody secrets. Can one reporter solve a medical mystery before she ends up in a body bag?
Jordan Reed put her world on hold to hunt down corruption. So when the gutsy journalist gets tipped off about blood money changing hands at a pharmaceutical company, she dives into the story. With an otherwise healthy worker dropping dead of multiple organ failure, Jordan suspects something far more sinister than a simple accident…
Daring to go up against big pharma, she gains an ally on the inside and recruits two friends to join the investigation. But after a string of false leads and tight-lipped witnesses, she ties her case to disturbingly similar evidence in a medical trial on the other side of the globe. And if she doesn’t expose the lethal conspiracy soon, Jordan is terrified she and her team could be the next victims of the lethal cover-up.
Can Jordan take down a greedy corporation before they sacrifice more lives in the drive for profit?

Toxic Deception is the introduction to the Jordan Reed mystery series and oh boy what a way to make an entrance!
I loved the angle of corruption within a pharmaceutical company as I have very negative views towards them anyway so I knew that this would be right up my alley. The bunch of goons who worked for the company and the lengths they went to showed just how dangerous these companies can become when they feel threatened.

Our main character, as much as I connected with her is frustratingly stubborn and doesn’t always make the best decisions. There were times throughout the book when I did think that Jordan was naive, however no one is perfect and hindsight is a wonderful thing. I became fully invested in the safety of our trio and desperately wanted our bad guys to get their just deserts,

The story itself was thrilling, I could barely tear myself away from it. I’m already excited for the next mystery that we will be getting to the bottom of with Jordan Reed.

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So who is K.C. Gillis?

K.C. (Kevin) Gillis is the author of the Jordan Reed mystery series. Despite being a lifelong lover of stories and books, writing took a distant back seat as his professional career travelled through the Canadian Air Force, a decade as a chemist, followed by a long and continuing run in corporate America. With writing no longer in the back seat (but not quite yet in the front seat), Kevin has the initial novels (plus one novella) in the Jordan Reed series well under way. His personal interests focus on endurance and water sports, and obviously a lot of reading!. Having grown up in the Canadian Maritimes, he now lives in the US northeast.


See you guys in the next one…

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