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-| Wrapping Up… January 2020 |-

So here we are with my first wrap up of the year! I have read 11 books in the month of January with 1 book receiving the lowest rating of the month which was 3 and a half stars and 2 books being 5 star reads.

Let’s get started…

In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children #4) by Seanan McGuire
My main problem with the books in the Wayward Children series is that all of the plot is just skipped over in a throw away sentence. These books are very character driven and I absolutely loved being in the Goblin Market however I felt like I was constantly just waiting for the plot.
I posted an audiobook review here.

133 Hours by Zach Abrams
I was hooked from the first chapter, trying to put myself in Briony’s shoes, it would be terrifying not knowing what has happened to you over the last 5 days. This is a bit of a slower paced book however the breadcrumbs which are left for us to find make it very difficult to put down. You can find my review here.

Are You Watching? by Vincent Ralph
This book was so addictive that I flew through it in two sittings, I enjoyed the concept as it surrounds a teenage girl taking part in a reality show on YouTube to try and catch her mothers killer.
I took part in the blog tour for this book so you can catch my review here.

Firewatching by Russ Thomas
I’ve read lots of police procedurals and this is definitely up there in terms of the characters and leaving me wanting more. Firewatching is a fab debut and I already can’t wait for the next instalment. Catch my stop on the blog tour here.

Frostbite (Frostbite #1-6) by Joshua Williamson (Writer), Jason Shawn Alexander (Illustrator)
I picked this up from my trial of Kindle Unlimited, I was in the mood for a graphic novel and this cover really caught my eye. The story was really interesting and I enjoyed the characters. A quick and fun read.

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
I remember reading this book as a child and decided to reread it to be able to do my Disney Origins… Frozen post. This is a polar fairytale with dark themes.

Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid
This book was so addictive! I thought I would just start the book by reading a couple of chapters before bed however next thing I knew I was halfway through the book!
You can catch my review for the Blog Tour here.

Million Eyes by C.R. Berry
Who knew that I would love a book about time travel?! There was so much going on that I struggled putting the book down. We travel through time ourselves seeing major historical events such as the Black Death and the terror caused by Jack the Ripper. You can read my full review here.

Stasi Winter (Karin Müller #5) by David Young
This book is the 5th book in the Karin Muller series which is Nordic Noir and as you know it’s one of my favourite genres.
Again the link to my full review is here.

Hunting Evil (Robert Hunter #10) by Chris Carter
I’ve now read every published book in this series, I absolutely love the audiobooks and would definitely recommend them. I won’t be saying anymore as I do plan on writing a full review for this book.

The Other You by J.S. Monroe
This was my first 5 star read of the year, I absolutely loved it, more people need to read it so I can discuss it with you!
You can read how much I enjoyed this book here.

What have been your best reads of the month?
See you in the next one…


8 thoughts on “-| Wrapping Up… January 2020 |-”

  1. The Other You looks awesome! I need to check it out. Looks like you read some great books!

    One of my favorite books of January was Woman On The Edge by Samantha Bailey. Thrillers are my favorite and it was a really good one!

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