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So, today is the last stop on the blog tour for Firewatching by Russ Thomas, a big thank you to Anne from Random Things Tours for inviting me to take part and to the publishers for providing me with the physical ARC.

Let’s get started…

A body is found bricked into the walls of a house. From the state of the hands, it’s clear they were buried alive and had tried to claw their way out before they died. Soon, the victim is linked to a missing person’s case and DS Adam Tyler is called.
As the sole representative of South Yorkshire’s Cold Case Review Unit, Tyler recognises his role for what it is – a means of keeping him out of the way following an ‘incident’. When this case falls in his lap, he grabs the opportunity to fix his stagnating career.
When he discovers he has a connection to the case that hopelessly compromises him, he makes the snap decision not to tell his superiors. With such a brutal and sadistic murder to unpick, Tyler must move carefully to find out the truth, without destroying the case or himself.
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I loved this introduction to DS Adam Tyler, I’m very excited that this is just the beginning of a series, spoiler alert I will definitely be picking up the next one! The author has done really well writing a group of characters who are not perfect with some being morally grey. The wit and humour between DS Tyler and the others I enjoyed and made me feel connected with the team (yes I’m part of the team now).

The one thing that let this book down for me is that I think it was a little bit longer than it needed to be, I felt it slow a little in the middle whereas I would have loved to it to be a little shorter so it could keep up the pace throughout, but that’s just personal preference.
The plot itself was fascinating and something that I don’t find myself reading very often, there are complex elements which I really appreciated especially when things were wrapping up.

The addition of blog posts was a great move which I loved for obvious reasons and added something special to the book. I’ve read lots of police procedurals and this is definitely up there in terms of the characters and leaving me wanting more. We also had a really satisfying ending which for me is really difficult to achieve.
Firewatching is a fab debut and I already can’t wait for the next instalment.

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So who is Russ Thomas?

Russ Thomas was born in Essex, raised in Berkshire and now live in Sheffield. He grew up in the 80s reading anything he could get from the library, writing stories, watching large amounts of television, playing videogames, and largely avoiding the great outdoors. He spent five years trying to master playing the electronic organ and another five trying to learn Spanish. It didn’t take him too long to realise that he’d be better off sticking to the writing.
After a few “proper” jobs (among them: pot-washer, optician’s receptionist, supermarket warehouse operative, call-centre telephonist and storage salesman) he discovered the joys of bookselling, where he could talk to people about books all day.

His debut novel Firewatching is the first book in the DS Adam Tyler series.


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I hope you guys pick this book up,
see you in the next one…

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