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-| My 2019 in Books |-

So I thought that I would just show you my year in books according to Goodreads, I always love seeing these graphics and remembering books from earlier in the year.

I set my challenge for 2019 to read 80 books, I met that and read an extra 53 books on top! I’m honestly so shocked I read that many in the space of a year.

I’ve no idea why this is saying that only 1 other person has read Sins of the Fathers as I know full well that I was part of a blog tour for this book.

I think that 4.3 is a really high average, however my issue with this is that Goodreads doesn’t count half stars and the majority of my ratings tend to be 3.5 and 4.5. So my actually average is probably a lot less than 4.3.

What this graphic doesn’t tell you is that this average rating for 365 Marks on the Wall is from just 16 ratings.

I opened the year with a 5 star review and I also ended the year with one, fingers crossed this will continue.

It’s been such a good reading year and I’m excited for 2020.
See you in the next one…


11 thoughts on “-| My 2019 in Books |-”

      1. You should definitely achieve that 🙂
        I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to read a certain number each month this year as I put myself in a really bad reading slump for the whole of December x

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      1. I have a giant spreadsheet that I use. I’ve got tabs for read books, hauled books and challenges. In the read tab I’ve got columns for page count, author name and if I’ve read them before; basically any of the graphs in my end of year wrap-up has a column. And then at the end I turn all the data into graphs.
        I use excel at work so I’m much better with it, but I have Mac computers at home so I’m ok with numbers as well (i don’t think it has as much flexibility as excel, but it’s ok). It does the job, but I’m interested to see what google drive has in terms of its spreadsheet function so I might play with it this year.

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