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-| Mini Paranormal Romance Review… The Ghost Beside Me by Lee Hall |-

So if you haven’t heard me talk about Lee Hall this year then I’ve no idea where you have been! Lee contacted me back in March to see if I would like to review his book Darke Blood which I really enjoyed! I then read and reviewed The Teleporter which I adored, it has made it’s way into my most surprising books of the year list.

When it comes to The Ghost Beside Me Lee asked if I would be a BETA Reader (my first ever time) and I just fell in love with the story it’s a paranormal romance which as you know is not usually my jam however I read this in one sitting!

Let’s just get started…

“Even in the deepest darkest of voids one can find something truly worth having in life, or death…”

The paranormal is a subject that E. Neville holds with the utmost content. Being an introvert by choice, he leads a lonely existence full of torment and anxiety for his affliction of preferred solitude. In this diary account Neville shares much of his woes and while settling into a new living space he begins to encounter a series of night-time disturbances like no other. Soon after he faces a battle of self-doubt and belief that something could be reaching out. Is this all a dream? Or is a soul of the ‘departed’ persuasion trying to make contact for a reason? Eventually they make an acquaintance which becomes much more as the barrier of life and death is broken by the power of love. 

This is such a beautiful story!
Paranormal Romance is not usually my jam, however Lee Hall keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone and I absolutely love his work!

It’s such a short book and it’s told from the diary of E. Neville, the innocence of his ‘relationship’ with Molly is heartwarming. I really recommend reading the authors note at the end as this touches upon the topics of social anxiety, isolation and depression which you may have missed when first reading. I know that it definitely made me really appreciate the story and I now want to reread it with my new perspective.

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See you guys in the next one…


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