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-| Reviewing… Dawn of Dreams (Destiny #1) by Bronwyn Leroux |- #DawnofDreamsBook @bronwyn_leroux @damppebbles @DamppebblesBTs

As you can see from the title today is my stop on the blog tour for the first instalment of the Destiny series by Bronwyn Leroux, Dawn of Dreams.

Let’s get started…

Lost family heirlooms. Sinister mutants. An ancient book hiding legendary secrets. Such mythical things should not exist in the futuristic world of 2073.
Yet, this reality is forced on two strangers. Jaden and Kayla are blissfully unaware their world is about to be invaded. When a relentless, age-old force casts them together, the shocking truth is revealed. They are hunted by the hideous, malevolent monster prowling their community. Worse, it’s invisible to everyone but them.
Forced down a dark and dangerous path, the pair discover their stalker isn’t the only thing they have in common. As they quest for solutions while trying to survive, their unique abilities surface. They team up with other-worldy allies. After deciphering an enchanted tool, they get their first answer. But knowledge comes at a price.
In a world on the verge of destruction, can Jaden and Kayla solve the puzzles and find a way to save it, all while trying to make sense of this inexplicable connection they feel for each other?

As you can probably tell if you have been here for a while, this is not my usual genre I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a grotesque monster before. I would say that this sits on the border of both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. The world building was fab, I loved the school systems (LC) and their modes of travel as well as their technology. It always fascinates me how far we will take technology, such as automatic personal flying remote pods that you can call to pick you up from anywhere.

Honestly this book is a little slow paced for my liking, it seemed like quite a lot of buildup for the second instalment. In terms of a possible romance between our two main characters Jaden and Kayla, I wasn’t buying it as it seemed thrown together and pretty forced.
However, this book gave me serious National Treasure vibes (I see you Nicolas Cage) I loved the family heirlooms and discovering their hidden secrets. This was done really well and it added so much excitement into the story. I wish we had more focus on these areas as they are what I enjoyed the most.

I’m so glad I stepped out my comfort zone and picked this book up, I’m super intrigued to see what will happen next.

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So who is Bronwyn Leroux?

Born near the famed gold mines of South Africa (where dwarves are sure to prowl), it was the perfect place for Bronwyn to begin her adventures. They took her to another province, her Prince Charming and finally, half a world away to the dark palace of San Francisco. While the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and its Bay views were spectacular, the magical pull of the Colorado Rockies was irresistible. Bronwyn’s family set off to explore yet again. Finding a sanctuary at last, this is Bronwyn’s perfect place to create alternative universes. Here, her mind can roam and explore and she can conjure up fantastical books for young adults.



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