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-| Wrapping Up… October 2019 Part 2 My Highest Rated |-

So, here we are with part two of Wrapping Up October, I have 6 books to share with you and they happen to be my highest rated of the month.
If you missed part one, you catch up here.

Let’s continue…

Justice Gone by N. Lombardi Jr.

The portrayal of PTSD was done so well in the book, it was a real insight into what veterans go through once they come ‘home’. Often they don’t have any homes to come back to and they are unable to get ‘real’ jobs as there is no need for snipers and tank drivers in the community which is the only experience that they have.
The book did seem to slow down in the middle but when we arrived at the trial that’s where it started to heat up again. I really enjoyed listening to both the defence and the prosecution as well as being able to see how the jury came to the decisions that they did.
My stop on the blog tour can be found here.

The Weight of Shadows by Karl Holton

So this is the first book in the Shadow series, the second being The Wait For Shadows which has already been published (Spoiler Alert: I will be reading this!)
I was seriously absorbed into this world which is probably best described as London’s underbelly with intricate characters and plots. There are quite a few overlapping story lines in this book which I really enjoyed trying to piece together. The only negative for me is that it did seem to drag a little in the middle, however that didn’t take too much from the book.
Full review here.

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I finally finished this after around 3/4 months. It was such an epic book and adventure that I have tried a few times to write a full review for this however, I just don’t feel like it fully encompasses my thoughts and feelings. I was struggling with the physical book so I switched to the audiobook and that was the best decision. It was so worth pushing through the first third and I’ve already started the audiobook for Feast of Crows.

An Evil Mind (Robert Hunter #6 ) by Chris Carter

This is actually pretty different to the others in the series so far as Carlos Garcia is not involved as he is away with his wife, yet we did get to find out a little more about Robert Hunters past. Chris Carter has an ability to create very disturbed characters so well that it sometimes worries me what goes on in his mind!
Full review here:

Moon-Sitting by Em Harding

The characters are fab, I really enjoyed Lucky as she is strong in the sense that she can make the really difficult decisions when others cannot. Marcus is also a really well developed character as well which really added to the plot.
I knew half way through this book that I was gonna give it the highest possible rating and the ending definitely didn’t disappoint, there were so many twisted reveals that I just couldn’t get enough.
Full review here.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Ok, so this book has definitely been the most surprising of the month. I picked up the audiobook on Scribd just at random, I’d seen this book everywhere with ridiculously high ratings, so I think I secretly wanted to dislike it and just categorise it as an over-hyped book.
That didn’t happen! I completely fell hook, line and sinker into this story and how did it repay me? By ripping my heart out! I will hopefully be posting a full review for this in the coming weeks as I do want to talk more about this.

So that is all the books that I’ve read this month, I can’t remember the last time I rated four book 5 stars so that definitely shows how much I’ve enjoyed reading this month.

See you guys in the next one…


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  1. It took me forever to get through A Game of Thrones, too. I wound up switching to ebook because the paperback was out of control. LOL I’m also going to have to check out the Chris Carter books, too. Love a good mystery!

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