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-| Promoting Indie Authors… Top 5 Saturday |-

Top 5 Saturday is hosted by Mandy over at Devouring Books, today’s topic is books by Indie Authors.

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Byn Always

Facebook: Byn There Done That

Jeez! How many emotions do I need to feel in just one book! I was riding a serious emotional roller coaster!
Heading into this I found myself preparing for a serious amount of toe-curling discomfort from what Lila would experience. However, what I loved about this book was that Byn took us deeper than that, yes there are areas which made me actually look away, but the focus was on what being held prisoner in isolation does to a person.
Can our brains really protect us by adapting to the extreme conditions that we are put through?
I rated this 4.5 stars, you can find my full review here.

Em Harding

Twitter: @EM_Writing

Ok so first things first, I NEED MORE FROM THIS WORLD ASAP!!
This is a novella so it is relatively short, but oh boy does it pack a punch!
I knew half way through this book that I was gonna give it the highest possible rating and the ending definitely didn’t disappoint, there were so many twisted reveals that I just couldn’t get enough. 
This is my latest 5 star read, catch my full review here.

Jay Kerk

Twitter: @KerkJay

Oh man! I don’t even know where to begin with this crazy ride! This book just took a hold of me and didn’t relent, I became addicted and I just couldn’t get enough.
Overall, I loved the pace of this book and it was so interesting to try and get in the minds of both a predator and a psychopath even though parts were disturbing. I would definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a dark psychological thriller that will keep you hooked from the first page!
Read my full 4 star review here.

Josie Jaffrey

Twitter: @JosieJaffrey

As much as I loved reading this book, there were areas later on where I was a little confused in terms of the plot and the implications of certain actions. However, there is a prequel series to this which is called The Solis Invicti which would have given me a lot of the backstory which definitely could have added to my reading experience.
Find out why I rated this 4 stars.

Lee Hall

Twitter: @lhallwriter

I had so much fun reading this!! Which honestly shocked me, I don’t usually laugh and smile when I read (because I’m dead inside) but it happened with The Teleporter. I actually started this on Sunday afternoon and once I’d put Noah to bed I stayed up until the early hours of Monday morning just to finish it. It’s completely different to anything that I have read before which I think is why it completely took me by surprise.
This was also a 5 star read, you can find my review here.

I hope you do check these authors out as they really are fab and so underrated!

See you guys in the next one…


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