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-| Reviewing… Moon-Sitting by Em Harding |- @EM_Writing #indieauthors

So, today I’m reviewing an adult sci-fi novella titled Moon-Sitting by Em Harding. I’d like to give Em a massive thank you for inviting me to review her first self published work.

Let’s jump right in…

The Moon fell into the Ocean and the Waves wept.
Infinity was once home to a thriving civilisation. That is, before the Moon arrived. The enormous, spherical structure brought with it death and destruction, wiping out most of the population with a series of earthquakes and tsunamis.
Since then the Moon has sat silently on the southern edge of Infinity’s mass continent.
Lucky Marsh is one of three moon-sitters charged with monitoring the Moon, acting as a living alarm system for Infinity’s last city. They must watch, but never touch: that’s the golden rule of moon-sitting. However, for the ever-curious Lucky that rule has become increasingly difficult to abide.
Her nightmares compel her to do more. Her feet betray her while she sleeps.
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The moon fell into the Ocean and the Waves wept. Their tears swept the lands clean and left the World feeling painfully empty. And so, to fill the aching void, the World gave birth to us, the people of infinity. The World smiled and danced around the Stars with joy.

Ok so first things first, I NEED MORE FROM THIS WORLD ASAP!!
This is a novella so it is relatively short, but oh boy does it pack a punch! I won’t be going into too much detail though as there’s a lot already explained in the synopsis.

There’s so much character development and world building in here that I became so engrossed in the story and the characters I just couldn’t put it down. The plot itself was so unique to anything that I’ve ever read before, three people employed to just sit and monitor the moon (which by the way fell from the sky and is ridiculously huge) from the age of 20 until they are about 40 and can mentor another moon sitter for 10 years allowing them to retire early. The characters are fab, I really enjoyed Lucky as she is strong in the sense that she can make the really difficult decisions when others cannot. Marcus is also a really well developed character as well which really added to the plot.

I knew half way through this book that I was gonna give it the highest possible rating and the ending definitely didn’t disappoint, there were so many twisted reveals that I just couldn’t get enough. Overall this is a really well developed story that I hope we will see more of soon.

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So who is Em Harding?

Em Harding hails from Wales. She started writing seriously at the age of eight (she was a very serious child) and received her first rejection letter around the age of nine. She now holds a BA in English with Creative Writing and an MA in Applied Linguistics (both from the university of Birmingham). She runs a writing group known as “The Writeryjig Clubamabob” – a name that even she can’t spell without looking it up – and is an active member of the Twitter #WritingCommunity. She is also guardian to an illustrious chicken thief named Kit.
Moon-Sitting is EM’s first novella and first foray into the world of self-publishing. It’s been an adventure.

Twitter: @EM_Writing

See you guys in the next one…


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  1. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭 Thank you SO MUCH for this review, Blair. I’m really glad you enjoyed it 💜 I have another story in mind for this world, but a novel to finish first 😅

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