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-| Book Recommendations… Crime Thrillers |-

So, as you can see above I’ve decided to do another book recommendations post, this time with my favourite genre, crime thrillers (as you could probably guess from my blog name). I could of gone on for ages but I just decided to stick to my top 5.

I won’t be going into too much detail as you know I always want you to go into them blind as that definitely adds to the experience.

Let’s get started…

D. I Paolo Sterling by Lorraine Mace

I have reviews on each of these books which I will link below. This is a series which I only discovered at the beginning of this year and it snowballed it’s way into my top 5! I am impatiently waiting for the next instalment Rage and Retribution which I believe is being published in February.
Retriever of Souls
Children in Chains
Injections of Insanity

I recommend this series to those of you who love books with unique murder cases and plenty of character development.

Fawkes & Baxter by Daniel Cole

You may have come across my stop on the blog tour from Endgame a couple of weeks ago, if you missed it, you can find it here.
Fawkes and Baxter have such a messed up and complicated relationship which only seems to get worse throughout the series, it doesn’t help with all the crazy cases getting in the way.

I recommend this series to those who enjoy books that keep you at the edge of your seat.

DI Helen Grace by M. J. Arlidge

This is one of the first series that made me fall in love with crime thrillers, I’m so fully invested in Helen Grace as a character and her team. She definitely has her flaws and struggles which makes her so relatable.

I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for addictive police procedurals with lots of character development.

Robert Hunter by Chris Carter

I’ve mentioned this series quite a lot on my blog, but that’s because it is just that good! As I’ve said before this is definitely not for the faint-hearted! I’ve read 6 of the 10 so far and I’m devouring them, I just finished listening to One by One yesterday and honestly it was brutal!
You can catch my review of both The Night Stalker and The Death Sculptor here.

These books are so disturbing and gruesome that I definitely don’t recommend them to everyone, maybe those who enjoy programmes such as Criminal Minds (my personal favourite) and CSI.

Social Media Murders by Angela Clarke

I have mentioned this trilogy quite a lot on this blog as I really loved it. I wish there were more books as I didn’t want to leave our characters. I think the reason why I loved it so much is that it’s so unique in that each book focuses on different social media and how dangerous it can be when it is in the wrong hands.

This will definitely appeal to those who are interested in the dark side of technology.

I hope you enjoyed these, I’d love to know if you have read these series and what you think of them.

See you in the next one…


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