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– Let The Games Begin – ||Book Box Club August Unboxing||

So, I’m super excited for this unboxing today, the theme for August is Let The Games Begin.
Note: there will be spoilers here, so if you are waiting for your box then don’t scroll down!
Here we go…

Let’s dive in…

Caraval Candle by Bookworm Candles and Crafts

“Light this exclusive candle, take in the glitter, inhale the scent of toffee apple and you’ll be transported to the showstopping drama of Caraval… Just remember, it’s only a game!”

-Etsy Shop-

How beautiful is this candle! It was so hard trying to capture all the details within one picture. I’ve never read Caraval and being completely honest I probably won’t, however, that doesn’t stop me appreciating this. Even down to the ribbon that appears to be a choker, I love it!

Quidditch Patch by Loeff Bureau Creative

“Broomsticks at the ready, it’s time to chase the golden snitch! Whether you’re a muggle or a master on the quidditch pitch you can flaunt your participation in Hogwarts most magical game with this exclusive patch.”
-Etsy Shop-

How cool is this! There’s so much detail into this one small patch, I need to find something to sew this onto.

Queen of Hearts Earrings by Book Box Club

“Of all the game players, surely none are as feared as Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts! Playing cards are terrified of her, flamingos and hedgehogs quiver before her on the croquet lawn and she’s rather partial to chopping off heads! If you’re looking to intimidate your opponents, pop these regal studs in your lobes – and get your game face read!”

I actually really like these, I think I will wear them and see if they intimidate anyone haha!

Book Bingo Magnetic Game by Book Box Club

“Battle your buddies and discover who is the most unashamedly bookish of them all! Mount your bingo board on your fridge and cross off your reading achievements with the stickers provided. Completed bingo boards win the respect of book-lovers everywhere!”

This is so cool, I’ve heard of book bingo before but I’ve never taken part in it. I may even use this for challenges in future posts…

I Am The Master of my Fate Canvas Bag with Artwork by Catarina Book Designs

“Inspired by the hardcore training sessions at the heart of our featured read, this exclusive gym bag is perfect for lugging your workout essentials with you. Or if you’re more of a bookworm than a gym bunny, harbour your hardback in this bag instead!”

Catarina Book Designs

This definitely will not be used for the gym, I will be using it as my book bag. I love the style of the font and that blue colour! I’m looking forward to reading the book so I can fully appreciate the quote.

Little Bookish Extras from Usborne, Barrington Stoke & Hatchette.

We have a teen sampler from Barrington Stoke featuring 5 books.
A Promotional bookmark for Seafire by Natalie C. Parker which I know want to read purely due to the quote and how beautiful this is!
We then have a fab promotional notebook for An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green, which is fab as I always need notebooks to use as a review journal.

Now What We Are All Here For…

The Beckoning Shadow by Katharyn Blair

When Vesper finds out she has the ability to bring people’s most terrifying fears to life, she goes on the run. Being a ‘Harbinger’ is literally a nightmare until she finds herself enrolled in the notorious Tournament of the Unravelling. With fights to the death, all night training sessions and mysterious new allies; the stakes are high. Vesper must use all her powers if she wants to stay alive.

Oh man!! I was so excited to see this book! I recently watched Becca and the Books review this and she enjoyed it that much that I added it straight to my Goodreads TBR. I’m gonna try and fit this in to my reading for September. Can we also just appreciate how beautiful this book is, with and without the cover!

I love how much thought Book Box Club put into these every month, I mean creating a game just for us, it really is so worth it.
This has definitely been my favourite box so far, I love everything that was included and I’m super excited to read this book!
See you in the next one…

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