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|| Reviewing… The Night Stalker & The Death Sculptor ||

If you don’t already know I love the Robert Hunter series and I’m making my way through this series in order. These are numbers 3 & 4 out of the 10 published.
So, if you’re unfamiliar with the Robert Hunter series it is a police procedural on steroids!
Robert Hunter is a detective for the homicide unit focusing on the ultra violent crimes, basically the worst of the worst.

A little warning, these are not for the faint hearted!!

An unidentified female body is brought into the Los Angeles County morgue. The cause of death is still unclear. Her body bares no marks; except for the fact that her most intimate parts have been stitched shut. But what shocks the pathologist the most is that the killer had left something inside her. Something so monstrous Detective Robert Hunter, of the Los Angeles Homicide Special Section, has to be pulled off a different case to take over the investigation.
Within days a new body surfaces. Like the previous victim, she’s also been stitched shut and something has been left inside her. Something as ingenious as it is grotesque. And the killer isn’t done yet, not by a long shot.
When his inquiry collides with a missing persons’ case being investigated by the attractive, razor-sharp Whitney Meyers, Hunter suspects the killer might be keeping several women hostage. Soon Robert finds himself on the hunt for a murderer who is much more monstrous than he ever could have expected; a predator whose past hides a terrible secret, and who won’t stop until each of his victims has brought forth the awful truth. – Goodreads –

This was one of the most gruesome books that I’ve read, which is saying something as it is the third in the series and Chris Carter doesn’t hold back at all!
We are taken on such a crazy ride hunting this killer. So far this is definitely the one that kept a hold of me the most, I was fully consumed by this book and so invested with finding the killer.
It’s actually my favourite of the series so far!

Hunter and his partner Garcia always do whatever it takes to hunt down murderers no matter what the cost to themselves. This is no different here, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the whole case which led to an explosive ending! I cannot get enough of this series, I really recommend it to those who love programmes like Criminal Minds and NCIS, it definitely feels like you’re reading episodes from a TV series.

Chris Carter creates such unique and extremely disturbing murders that it makes me wonder what goes on inside his head!
If you hadn’t of guessed already The Night Stalker is getting 5 out of 5 cups of coffee!

A student nurse has the shock of her life when she discovers her patient, prosecutor Derek Nicholson, brutally murdered in his bed. The act seems senseless – Nicholson was terminally ill with only weeks to live. But what most shocks Detective Robert Hunter of the Los Angeles Robbery Homicide Division is the calling card the killer left behind. 
For Hunter, there is no doubt that the killer is trying to communicate with the police, but the method is unlike anything he’s ever seen before. And what could the hidden message be? 
Just as Hunter and his partner Garcia reckon they’ve found a lead, a new body is found – and a new calling card. But with no apparent link between the first and second victims, all the progress they’ve made so far goes out of the window. 
Pushed into an uncomfortable alliance with the confident Alice Beaumont, Hunter must race to put together the pieces of the investigation . . . before the Death Sculptor puts the final touches to his masterpiece. – Goodreads –

Now after The Night Stalker I was super excited to get stuck into this, which may have been my downfall. The murders themselves are just as uniquely dark and disturbing, however I just couldn’t connect as much to the case and the characters involved. Maybe it was the introduction of a Alice, as much as I enjoyed her as a character and I can see her being involved in the future, I think that took away from my connection to Hunter and Garcia (am I sounding like a needy girlfriend?)

The whole concept had me scratching my head wondering what the ‘sculptures’ left behind could mean, do they create a story? Is the killer trying to tell us something? This had one of the most shocking endings that I’ve read from Chris Carter, I didn’t expect it at all!!
It ‘s so hard to review these books as I can’t go into too much detail as that would ruin the experience and the adventure for you!

Overall, I still love the series, this instalment just didn’t live up to the expectations I had following The Night Stalker.The Death Sculptor is getting 4 cups of coffee out of 5!

Have you read any of Chris Carter’s book?

See you guys in the next one…

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