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|| July Unboxing | Book Box Club | I Love UK YA ||

So, today I’m unboxing the July Book Box Club and this months theme is I Love UK YA. This is my second month and I’m super excited to get stuck in!

I Love Books Flag by Jay and Boo

Declare your status as a bona fide book-lover by flying this felt flag high on your bookshelf.

How cute is this!

Book-Lover Necklace by Book Box Club

Don our exclusive enamel necklace and let the world know just how unashamedly bookish you are.

The design of this is fab! I love the colour scheme, is this classed as teal?
I would actually wear this, would you?

Apple Crumble Tea by The Tea Crew

Is there anything more British than a cracking cup of tea? Well actually, yes! Try sipping on apple crumble flavoured tea whilst devouring your brand new UK YA reads! Simply divine!

I’ve never actually tried loose tea so I’m pretty excited for this! It also gives us instructions on how to brew it which is really cute!

I Love UK YA Notebook with artwork by Megan Tucker Illustration

Keep track of your TBR with this gorgeous exclusive notebook, featuring some of our UK YA faves.

This is stunning! I would love to just have this as a print on my bookcase!

Now For The Reason We Are All Here…

Under a Dancing Star by Laura Wood

Meet adventure-loving Bea, doomed to a stuffy future on a languishing estate with a dull husband (chosen by her parents)… But Bea’s destiny takes an unexpected turn when she is banished to Italy for the summer as a punishment for her unruly behaviour! Bring on the parties, sun-drenched boy dramas and bohemian antics aplenty!

This worries me a little as I don’t really read contemporary romance so I’m not sure when I will get around to reading it, the cover is stunning though!

Heartstream by Tom Pollock

Imagine a social media app, through which you can broadcast your emotions: every joy and sadness laid bare for others to see. Amy has shared every moment of her emotional story with hordes of dedicated followers, but on the day where she’s struggling with the most heart-aching drama, a stranger walks into her kitchen and threatens to blow everything she knows and loves apart…

This is definitely more my style! I’m so excited to get to this book. I think this may have to be added to my TBR for August.

So there we go guys that is the July Book Box Club, I hope you enjoyed opening this with me!
My favourites from this box are definitely Heartstream and the necklace.
Do you get the Book Box Club?

See you in the next one…

8 thoughts on “|| July Unboxing | Book Box Club | I Love UK YA ||”

  1. I love book boxes so much I can’t decide which one to subscribe to!
    Heartstream sounds amazing, and I feel like it could be one of my next buys. I adore creepy books with social media themes.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve just read John Marrs’ The Passengers, which is an amazing thriller heavily featuring social media. Patrick Senécal has pretty amazing modern thrillers (one’s with a TV show, another is about website), but I don’t think they’ve been translated into English yet 😦 Definitely The Circle (way better than the movie). Charbonneau’s Need too, and, though it’s a bit older than social media, The Wave (Todd Strasser) is pretty relatable. I’m sure I’m missing a big important one and will remember it in the middle of the night!

        Liked by 1 person

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