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The Killer You Know Blog Tour @srmastersauthor @littlebrownuk @annecater

So, I’m super excited to share this with you all….
Here is my stop on The Killer You Know blog tour!

You need to kill at least three people, right? So that’s what I’ll do.

When Will jokes about becoming a serial killer, his friends just laugh it off. But Adeline can’t help but feel there’s something more sinister lurking behind his words.

Fifteen years later, Adeline returns to Blythe for a reunion of the old gang – except Will doesn’t show up. Reminiscing about old times, they look up the details of his supposed murder spree. But the mood soon changes when they discover two recent deaths that match.

As the group attempts to track Will down, they realise that he is playing a sinister game that harks back to one they used to play as kids. Only this time there are lives at stake . . . – Goodreads –

Do you ever look back to your teenage years and wonder what your friends are doing now? That’s the premise of this book, a reunion is set up for the group of 5 who spent so much time together over the summers.
I loved the concept of this as it made me reflect and think about my school days. Do we actually change from the person we are as teenagers? Or do our experiences just shape the adult we become?

Possible spoiler –
At first I thought that this would be a straightforward book, I know who the killer is we are just being taken on a journey through the complex relationships between all members of the group. Oh boy was I wrong!
Focusing so much on the guilt of one character allows the truth to slide under the radar until all is revealed. Being honest I think that this twist worked perfectly and added that extra layer to the story.

The complexity of the characters and their relationships with each other made this completely relatable. It also made me ask the question, out of the group of friends I had at school, who would most likely be a serial killer haha! I really enjoyed the current and relevant topic such as a podcast being used, especially those about true crime.
(Yes as writing this I’m currently listening to a crime podcast, maybe that is because of this book… hmmm)

The Killer you Know is a fresh and relevant thriller that teases us with snippets of memories from back in the day.
I’m giving it a massive 4 cups of coffee out of 5.

Who is S.R. Masters?

S. R. Masters studied Philosophy at Girton College, Cambridge before working in public health and health behaviour for the NHS. He is a regular contributor to UK short fiction anthology series The Fiction Desk, having won their Writer’s Award for his short story Just Kids. His story Desert Walk was included in Penguin Random House USA’s Press Start to Play collection and he continues to have short fiction published in a variety of magazines. He grew up around Birmingham but now lives in Oxford with his wife and son.
The Killer You Know is his first novel.

Twitter: @SRMastersAuthor

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I hope that you enjoyed this! Let me know if you’re gonna add it to your TBR.
See you in the next one…

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