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|| Reviewing || 365 Marks on the Wall by Byn Always

So, I have a review of such a fab book today! 365 Marks on the Wall is disturbing, emotionally exhausting but above all ridiculously addictive!

Let’s just get straight into it…

One bad decision leads to consequences that Lila couldn’t begin to fathom. It was just a tube of lipstick. Lila didn’t think too much about it when she slipped it into her pocket at the mall. When a man grabbed her arm and accused her of shoplifting, her only thought was for the trouble she was going to be in with her parents over one stupid impulse.But then she woke up chained to the wall in a dank, dark cellar. In growing panic, she begins to understand the hell her world has just become. By the looks of things, others have tried to escape… but failed. And even if Lila can survive, some parts of her may be lost forever… – Goodreads –

Jeez! How many emotions do I need to feel in just one book! I was riding a serious emotional roller coaster!
Heading into this I found myself preparing for a serious amount of toe-curling discomfort from what Lila would experience. However, what I loved about this book was that Byn took us deeper than that, yes there are areas which made me actually look away, but the focus was on what being held prisoner in isolation does to a person.
Can our brains really protect us by adapting to the extreme conditions that we are put through?

Before she found herself in this situation Lila had a very comfortable family and social life. Her biggest worry was what she was going to buy from the mall.
She had enough money, so why did she need to steal that lipstick?

I’m gonna quickly pause for one minute to mention what I’ve just thought about. If Lila hadn’t taken that lipstick would he still have taken her? Was that the reason for his actions? or had he been watching her? –

Hmmm, let’s continue.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the events that occur as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I’ve already recommended this to my good friend as I need someone to discuss this with!
I’m giving 365 Marks on the Wall 4.5 cups of coffee out of 5.
I know I don’t normally do halves but I was so on the fence that I just had to.

This is such a little gem, I’m so glad I received this from the author to review as it is so under the radar I don’t think I would have come across it on my own!

See you in the next one…


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