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Alabaster Alibi Review (My First Cozy Mystery)

Dear Allie, If you’re reading this letter, it means I’m dead and that Alex has finally found you.

So today, as you can tell from the title, I am reviewing my first ever cozy mystery. I was sent this eBook from the author, in exchange for a review.

Now, first of all, I didn’t know what a ‘cozy mystery’ was and why it had it’s own genre, so I did what everyone does these days and googled it.

As a newbie I was worried that I wouldn’t find it interesting and possibly wouldn’t finish the book. While I’m being completely honest, the cover doesn’t excite me, I normally go for books because their covers jump out at me (I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, they just draw me in!)

“Here it is” He swung his good arm with a showman’s flourish & winced. “May I present The Alabaster”

The mystery element pleasantly surprised me, it reminded me of Midsummer Murders which I used to love watching with my family. So I already felt quite comfortable reading this book. I really enjoyed the character development and variety, for example not every character was likeable (I’m looking at you Colin!)
I found myself gritting my teeth during his sexist comments, I was also shaking my head while finding out how he was exploiting multiple women for his own gain, so this tells me that I really could imagine myself in the book.

Now, I did find the pace a little slow, but I think that is due to the ridiculous pace of my usual reads. As for the mystery, I had a couple of suspects which I couldn’t decide between, which was really fun as every new clue made me change my mind.
If you prefer to stay away from genres such as psychological thrillers then I would definitely recommend this for a solid mystery read, you may see me reading more from this author.

I’m giving Alabaster Alibi a surprising 4 cups of coffee out of 5!

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