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Just a little message

Hey Readers,

I just want to apologise for not posting in a long time, there has been so much going on that I haven’t been in the correct mindset.

The main reason is that I started having big seizures so I have been diagnosed with epilepsy. The medication I am on makes me feel dizzy and not myself, but it hasn’t stopped me reading! If anyone has epilepsy or has just recently been diagnosed then it would be fab to speak to others as it’s hard to describe how I’m feeling to people who haven’t experienced it.

I will be posting tonight about audiobooks, since I can’t drive for the next year, I’ve been using the time on the bus to listen to audiobooks through Amazon unlimited, I have already finished two series and two parts of a trilogy. Do any of you guys listen to books while commuting?

Thank you for reading,

1 thought on “Just a little message”

  1. Hi Blair, Sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues. My sister used to have the same many years ago. I’m not sure which type, if indeed there are types? Anyhow, hers disappeared after some time. Take care


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