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Unravelling Oliver Review

I have been deciding whether or not to read this book for about six months now. I wasn’t sure if this would be thrilling enough to keep me interested, oh how wrong I was…

Alice and Oliver Ryan seemed to have a happy, loving marriage, they even worked together collaborating on Oliver’s successful children’s books. Their life, from the outside, was one enviable by many. That is until one night when Oliver beats Alice into a coma… This event has shocked everyone, those who have come into contact with him over the last fifty years reveal their encounters with Oliver Ryan.

I absolutely loved this book, the telling of Oliver’s life through those who he crossed paths with brought different perspectives and slowly gave us the real picture of Oliver Ryan, I haven’t come across this before and it made this book so addictive.

I was intrigued right from the first sentence, “I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her”. This gave me so many questions, who has he hit? Why has he hit her? I needed to find answers to these questions.

The only real negative that I have with this book is that it wasn’t longer, it was less than 250 words so i devoured it so fast that I was left feeling a little deflated when I closed this book. Personally I feel that the secret which is surrounded by the devastating events could have been a little bigger, however that may have changed the whole story.

Overall this was an clever and addictive read, which kept me asking questions until the very end, I have given this 4 out of 5 Stars.
Lying In Wait is another book by Liz Nugent which is in my bookcase and has now moved further up my to read list.
Have you read any of Liz Nugent’s books?

On to the next book…



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