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The Woman Before Me – NetGalley Review

Have you ever stayed awake all night just to finish the book that you have only just started? That’s what happened here, I devoured it on one go. I would just like to start by thanking NetGalley and Legend Press for giving me access to this book.


Luke had only been dead for three days, they came for me just like I knew they would…
Rose’ life is destroyed when her new born son is rushed to intensive care. Emma has everything that Rose wants, youthful beauty, a loving husband and a healthy son. That is until suddenly there’s a tragedy and the only suspect is Rose.

Rose has been behind bars for almost five years and her freedom is in the hands of her probation officer Cate. Is Rose a threat to society and does she feel remorse for Luke’s death? Cate begins to doubt her own judgement. Where do you draw the line between love and obsession?

I started this book mid afternoon and stayed awake until five in the morning just to finish it. I did not expect this book to draw me in as much as it did, especially as it was on my IPad rather than a hard copy. However the skill of Ruth Dugdall submerging you into this world is ridiculous. With me being a mother myself, this made me imagine how I would react if my little boy had been rushed straight to intensive care, and how I would feel to see my replacement with everything that I lacked. This book is insanely addictive and definitely worth 5 Stars.



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