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Diving into Nordic Noir

So as my addiction to buying books seems to increase I have become even more obsessed with getting bargains! I like getting as many books as possible for very little money. Take this picture of ten books, guess how much the bundle of them cost… £2 yes that’s right these 10 amazing books for just £2!

Anyway that’s not the reason for writing this post, what I actually wanted to tell you about was how I dipped my toe in the pool of the Nordic Noir genre and now I want to fully submerge myself into it. From this amazing collection I finally settled on reading I’m Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjørk.

Plot: A six year old girl is found hanging from a tree by a skipping rope in a school uniform and satchel which are not her own. She also had on her a sign which read ‘I’m Travelling Alone’. There are also indications that there will be more little girls. The detectives signed to this case Munch and Kruger have their own demons to face while trying to stop more little girls going missing. Will this case become too close to home?

Verdict: I became obsessed by this book and even stayed up to the early hours of this morning just to finish it. The pace of the journey at which this takes you is electrifying and the characters are so relatable . I throughly enjoyed this book and rate it 5 out of 5.


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