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Love Me Not

So I have just finished the latest book which is number seven in the DI Helen Grace Series and I’m not sure how I feel. Because I loved Hide and Seek so much I believe that this is the reason why I was left feeling slightly disappointed by the latest instalment.

The main story is set over a 12 hour period which shows that this case is extremely fast paced. The wife and mother is the first victim in what can be described as a terrible day for the residents of Southampton. There are a few twists and turns, however compared to the rest of the series I did not seem to enjoy this book.

There did not seem to be as much character development as in the others, however this may be because Hide and Seek focused so much on Helen as well as her relationship with Charlie Brooks. M J Arlidge has still given us a fast paced detective novel, I just feel that I wanted more from this book. Overall I rate this one 3/5

My Love for Helen Grace is still strong and I can’t wait to see where M J Arlidge and Helen take us next…


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