Book Series


So I’m now 100 pages into the fourth instalment of DI Helen Grace, this one is called Liar Liar. It is different from the rest as it is about an arsonist, which is not what I usually read to be honest, however I love this series so I am giving it a go.

While Helen is visiting her sisters grave late at night she sees not one, or two but three fires lighting up Southamptons skyline. This is not just some kids rebelling by setting multiple fires, it is a series of carefully calculated acts of murder.

So far one families life has been changed forever, I am enjoying the fast pace which this book has started with.


So I ended up pulling an all-nighter finishing this book, I started this book with the expectation on not liking it. However M.J. Arlidge has done it again and created another thrilling book in the series.

Their are many factors at the ending that left my jar hanging open (especially the last page) however I don’t want to spoil this for anyone and the ending truly shocked me.

I finished this book at 4am and I have already started the next in the series… Little Boy Blue.

I think it is safe to say that the DI Helen Grace Series is my favourite series to date. 

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